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A Russian television channel is reportedly producing a series to challenge HBO’s Chernobyl

Moscow Times, writer Ilya Shepelin states director Aleksei Muradov is working with Russian network NTV on its own Chernobyl programme.

There is a theory that the Americans had infiltrated the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and many historians do not deny that on the day of the explosion an agent of the enemy’s intelligence services was present at the station.

Shepelin states the competing series will not present the same conclusions as Craig Mazin‘s drama: that a combination of reckless individual actions and the unchecked pride of the Soviet political system led to the explosion of a faulty nuclear reactor in the former Soviet Ukraine. Craig Mazin, the creator of the HBO series, famously obsessed over minor details such as shoelaces and telephones, and adopted first-hand accounts of survivors to authentically recreate the Soviet Union of the 1980s.

NTV’s Chernobyl, filmed in Belarus, takes far more liberties. A description of the show says that the plot revolves around a CIA agent dispatched to Pripyat to gather intelligence on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the Russian counterintelligence agent sent to track him down. If it sounds like fiction, that’s because it is. But the director, Alexey Muradov, said the show “will tell viewers about what really happened back then”.

Sky Original’s Chernobyl was dismissed as a “caricature” in Russia by pro-Kremlin media who said “only we have the right to talk about our history”, according to the Moscow Times. There’s no air date for the series but it’ll be broadcast on state-funded station NTV, known for its pro-Kremlin programming. It received 30 million ($460,000) in funding from the culture ministry, the outlet said.

Michael Jackson wanted to LIVE for 150 years

He appointed 12 Doctors at home who would daily examine him from Hair to Toe Nails. His food was always tested in laboratory before serving.
Another 15 people were appointed to look after his daily exercises and workout. His bed had the technology to regulate the oxygen level.

Organ Donors were kept ready so that whenever needed they could immediately donate their organ The Maintenance of these Donors were taken Care of by him. He was proceeding with a dream of Living for 150 years.

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

He Failed. On 25th June 2009, at the age of 50, His Heart Stopped functioning. The Constant effort of those 12 doctors did not work. Even,The combined efforts of Doctors from Los Angeles and California too couldn’t save him. The Person who would Never put a step forward without the doctors suggestion for his last 25 years, couldn’t fulfill his dream of living 150 years. Jackson’s Final journey was watched live by 2.5 million people which is the Longest live telecast till date.

On the day he died,i.e. 25th June ’09 at 3.15 pm, Wikipedia, Twitter, AOL’s instant messenger stopped working.  Jackson tried to Challenge Death but Death Challenged him Back. The Materialistic life in this materialistic world embraces materialistic death instead of a normal one.