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Ashley Graham Is Pregnant Jessica Rabbit For Halloween

Parents dress up as characters emblematic of our collective childhoods essentially every reason to become a parent and celebrate Halloween. And, Ashely Graham model may have just drawn on the best Halloween costume, we have seen this year.

During the weekend, Graham published photos of his Halloween costume, with husband Justin Ervin, who is dressed as classic wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage. The caption read “Macho Man knocked up Jessica Rabbit for Halloween. ”

Both costumes are epic, and also prove that the parents, she and Ervin will be the kind of fun. This kid basically has no idea what they are for!

Graham is famous as a model for Lane Bryant. Her husband, Ervin, is apparently so old school that emphasized abstinence before the two were married. So even if there is a playful raunchiness to “He-Man knocked up Jessica Rabbit,” these two are about as sweet and loving as it gets.

Buying a Russian mail order wife – She married him for the money and he married her for her body

A bride by mail is a woman who appears in catalogs and is chosen by a man for marriage. In the twentieth century, the trend was especially to women living in developing countries seeking men in most developed countries. In the twenty-first century, the trend is now based primarily on Internet-based meeting place that is not in itself considered mail-order bride services. The majority of women enrolled in the service of the twentieth century and the twenty-first century are from South Asia, the countries of the former Eastern bloc and (to a lesser extent) in Latin America. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, many Eastern European women have reported so, mainly from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. Men who listent in these publications are called “husbands by correspondence”, although this is much less common.

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70 amazing and weird facts which will really blow your mind

1. The oldest human using Facebook is 105 years old

2. Only 3% of India’s population pay Tax to the Government

3. The frog heart beats 1000 times in one minute

4. The first computer mouse was made in 1964 with the help of wood.

5. The Bangkok is the most visited place in the world with 20.05 millions visitors.

6. Intelligent people becomes angry faster as compare to normal people.

7. The first pizza shop was opened in Italy in 1930, Which still exists.

8. A person can’t kill himself by stopping his breath.

9. The most used password in the world is 123456.

10. Canada is the most educated country in the world.

11. The milk of hippopotamus is pink in colour

12. The leech is an invertebrate animal, which have 32 brains

13. Octopus have 3 hearts

14. Humans move their eyes more 100,000 times a day.

15. A average person blinks 28,800 times in a day.

16. A average person usually breathes 17,000 – 30,000 times in a day.

17. An African bush elephant only sleeps for two hours in a day.

18. It is a myth that a person use only 10 % of his brain.

19. Scientists created a 3D-printed heart using a patient’s cells.

20. Canada’s national parks are bigger than many countries.

21. Octopus lays 56,000 eggs at a time.

22. Peas are one of the most popular pizza topping in Brazil.

23. Ravens are the bird who can learn to speak better than parrots.

24. The world’s longest man-made beach is in Mississippi.

25. Male platypuses are venomous.

26. Tug of war used to be an Olympic event from 1900 to 1920.

27. Blinking your eye is a Micronap.

28. Human Nails Grow Faster Today Than They Used to before.

29. Tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.

30. Everyone has a unique tongue print just like your fingerprints.

31. Humans Have More Than Five Senses.

32. If you earn more than $18,000 a year than you are among the 4% of richest people in the world.

33. Most of the diamonds are at least 3 billion years ago.

34. It would take less than 6 months to reach the moon by car at the speed of 95 km/h.

35. Traffic accidents kill about 1.25 million people per year.

36. Over 50 million people gets injured due to traffic accidents every year.

37. Airbags takes just 30 milliseconds (0.03 seconds) to inflate.

38. Porsche’s first car was an electric car.

39. Almost 100 billion people have died in all human history.

40. Almost 20,000 people die due to poverty every day.

41. Vegetarian are less 19% less likely to die from the heart disease.

42. In France, you can marry a dead person.

43. Facebook has around 100 million active users in Africa.

44. 90% of the world’s fresh water is in Antarctica.

45. Antarctica is the only continent in the world without a time zone.

46. HP printer black ink is more expensive than a blood.

47. There are more kangaroos in Australia than people living there.

48. Over 20,000 people die every day due to cancer.

49. There are 1 billion car which are currently in use on Earth.

50. An average car consists of 30,000 parts.

51. Depression may cause you to dream up to 3 to 4 times more than you normally would.

52. An average human yawn around 250,000 times over the course of his life.

53. Tomatoes contain more genes than human.

54. If you weigh 68 kg on earth than you would weigh 1,905 kg on sun.

55. If you weigh 68 kg on earth than would weigh 11 kg on moon.

56. The grapes explode when you put them in microwave.

57. Around 24,000 people are killed due to lightning every year.

58. The temperature of bolt of lightning is 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun.

59. The statue liberty is estimated to be hit around 600 times every year.

60. Your heart can keep beating ever if it is separated from your body.

61.Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to give space to your lungs.

62. Newborn babies can see in black and white for few months.

63. Babies are not able to recognise themselves until they are at least 18 months old.

64. All bacteria present in our body collectively weighs about 4 pounds.

65. Most of the antibiotics are made from the bacteria.

66. Lack of oxygen in our brain for 5 to 10 minutes can lead to permanent brain damage.

67. When a person learn something new the structure of their brain changes.

68. We have about 70,000 thoughts a day.

69. The human brain can hold about 3 million hours of television.

70. The average person walks about 120,000 km in a lifetime means 5 times round the world.

There have been celebrities who have been discovered out of the blue

You never know when an opportunity might just approach you and give you its business card.


1. Jennifer Lawerence

Jennifer Lawerence was on a vacation in New York when she was approached by an agent to pose for a photograph on the spot.

She subsequently got calls from a lot of agents and landed her signature role in “Winter’s Bone”

2. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt worked on odd jobs here and there until he got a ticket to Hawaii from one of his friends. He didn’t even have a place to live and lived out of his car. One director noticed Pratt as he was bar-tending and offered him a role in a horrible movie.

But that got Pratt into Hollywood, and subsequently into stardom.

3. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp accompanied his friend to an audition for a horror movie. And as he looked really dashing even back then, the movie director spotted him and asked him to read a few lines from the script.

It is sufficient to say that he nailed it and got the role of the lead actor right then.

4. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman was just 10 when she was approached by a model scout who wanted Portman to feature in a Revlonad. She was eating a pizza in a pizza parlor at the time.

5. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson got into a drunken brawl at a bar a night before he drove his friend to an audition for a movie.Looking all beaten up with bruises on his face, he was invited to do a piece of acting by the director on the spot.

The movie he landed the role for was Mad Max.

6. Evangeline Lily

Evangeline Lily was spotted by a modelling agent on the streets of Kelowna. She initially rejected the idea but was convinced after she saw the amount of money that could be made in the industry.

7. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe worked in an ammunition factory when a military photographer clicked her photo for a military magazine.

The photographer pointed it out to her that she had the potential to be a big star, with her looks and all. And a star was born.

8. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron went in to cash a check in a bank in Hollywood and the cashier refused to cash the check. She lost her shit and started making a scene that impressed one of the Hollywood agents who was present there. He handed her his card and the rest is history.

9. Harrison Ford

Harrison ford was actually a carpenter, and quite a skilled one at that. One day he went and made cabinets for George Lucas who gave him his first movie role.

10. Ellen Pompeo

Ellen was a bartender and a talent scout noticed her and asked her to feature in a L’Oreal advertisement campaign.

11. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum was roaming the streets of Miami when a model scout noticed him and asked him to pose for famous brands. He subsequently ended up modelling for brands like Pepsi and Vogue.

12. Will Smith

Will Smith was already a big shot-rapper but did not debut with his acting skills. He asked for directions from a random man in the parking lot who turned out to the Vice President of Warner Bros. studio, who cast Will in the hit series “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”.

13. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel was struggling after his college years and made a documentary film about a struggling actor, which impressed people and got screened in Cannes. Steven Speilberg was impressed with him and offered him a role in Saving Private Ryan.

No! More Rape – Exclamation points kill! Exclamation points! Kill

Although I think it’s stupid for many reasons (for one, literally zero people will be saved from rape because of a damn sticker), the big one is that it is in a different font and size as the word “stop” above. So when I read it, my brain separates the two words that two separate statements.

In other words, I do not read as “Stop Rape. “As in” Let’s ban together to end to non-consensual sex Instead I read as a set of commands. “Stop. Rape. “As in” stamped everything you do and start raping people. ”

Regardless, again, I think put stickers like this is an act of some crappy edgelord who wants to pretend they are an activist without doing anything to actually help people.

Zombie Specific Ammo Manufactures – Zombie Max Ammo Targets the Undead

If the post-apocalyptic movies have taught us anything, it is that the balls are great long term investment. During a Zombie Apocalypse induced, the balls will be worth their weight arbitrary element we determine a value. On seeing a boom in the zombie survivalist-market niche, gunsmith Hornady has stepped forward to make a special line of ammunition specially designed to cope with the zombie threat.

Rather than go through a long process of research and development, the good people of Hornady seemed prudently decided the best course of action was to take the ammunition that they currently manufacture and put in a box with a picture of a zombie on it. Their idea is simple and brilliant. If they called for the sale of defective zombie ammo, there’s a very good chance that a complaint filed against them will probably not get very far. Besides, if the company has put much effort to make canned food because it has bullets, the collapse of civilization should not be as bad as we were led to believe it will.

Flying near a crying baby – Japan Airlines unveils tool to tackle horror of screaming babies

Japan Map of airline seats shows where children under two years are during their flights. This movement, part smile support the travel service organization, is intended to benefit all stakeholders: it keeps the kids that about passengers who are not bothered by screaming and other disturbances, and puts passengers who want nothing to do with a baby difficult aisles away from young families who are sick and tired of looks angry.

Being stuck on a long-haul flight to a baby earshot crying can be a thing of the past for passengers on Japan Airlines (JAL), after the carrier unveiled an online booking tool that shows where toddlers will sit.

When passengers with children aged between eight days and two years reserve their seat, a child’s icon automatically appears on the security plan, alerting other passengers who are not yet choose their seats.

Japan Airlines was quick to point out that the new feature does not guarantee that passengers would be out of earshot of a child screaming.

The icon does not appear if the passengers had booked their flight through a third party or were part of a tour group, or if there was a last minute change of aircraft, the website of the airline said .

At least one other Japanese airline does the same thing for customers. An All Nippon Airways spokesman said its security maps showed where the children sit “for a while.”

Japan Airlines and other companies have yet to find a way to anticipate the seat reservations for snorers series and passengers fully recline their seats for in-flight meals.

The man who took out 10 inch penis in shop to prove he wasn’t stealing – He’s Just Well-Hung

A man was charged with shoplifting after staff reported a ‘bulge’ suspect in his jeans – just to transpire that the pants were not full of stolen items, only your penis 10 inches. Casual.Window fitter Steve Whitehurst, 47, was shopping at Scotts Menswear in Stoke-on-Trent with his girlfriend Mandy Shenton, 46, and her 18-month-old grandson.

When he went to the cashier to pay the £ 400 ($ 494) of the objects he had chosen, the store manager confronted him about the lump, and claims that he was forced to demonstrate the safety of what actually I was packing.

Steve said: “Her tight jeans on that day and there was a lump, yes, but that is not illegal can not help what I’m done . “The director started arguing with me. She would not let him go. I kept telling her it was my penis.

“Eventually I dropped his pants in front of everyone and I stood there in my underpants and said, ‘Look, I have nothing to hide’. “But that does not satisfy went on to say. ‘What’s that lump?'”

Steve, who says that often have to roll up their virility, said he had to go into a cubicle with a male security guard to show what was behind the mysterious mound in his jeans. “I dropped my boxers shook his head and ran out and spoke to the manager heard him say, ‘Please tell me you have something down there,’ and the guy said, ‘No’..”

Recalling shopping trip last Sunday as the “craziest experience of my life ‘, which has already filed a complaint to the company.Girlfriend Mandy said: “It was so humiliating What Steve did was disgusting.”.

The director who accused her of shoplifting Steve was ‘holiday’, with sources saying he never asked Steve exposed, accusing him of being ‘aggressive’ staff he said.

One witness said: “The staff had good reason to suspect him.

“He was picking up and dropping a lot of items.

“They found an electronic tag that is missing on a jacket that was tested and then saw a large bulge in his pants.

“When cornered him became very abusive.

“Then he dropped his pants, but the bulk was much smaller than the staff remembered Nobody asked him to go to a cubicle to reveal himself -. He did willingly”