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She's checking her legal options against Gorilla Glue

we shouldn’t judge people based on their looks but…that woman looks like her IQ is equal to the number of ears she has on her head.

This is not really an apology. This is more like a sympathy post.

Gorilla glue apologized… For the fact that she apparently was unable to read all the warnings about using it on your skin.

How Cartoons Brainwashed Us With Jewish Stereotypes – The Power of Propaganda

Hostility and discrimination against Jews as a religious and racial groups has existed since before the middle ages – but to this day anti-Semitism still found a foothold among hate groups. Thousands of years. HOW THE HELL IS THIS STILL AROUND IDEAS?!

In fact, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), according to a recent NBC News, said that the number of anti-Semitic incidents so far in 2019 is almost as high as the first six months of 2018.

The worst year for anti-Semitic acts in the United States since the ADL started counting three decades ago was 2017. The group documented nearly 2,000 cases of assault, vandalism, bomb threats and other horrific incidents, including “United right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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It was in protest of hate groups is that there are a number of signs that read While the main races still weak chin, pale, and “Jews Not Will Change Us.” – baby obviously secretly big – as they have ever been, sentiment discriminatory they began long , with a large number of ideas of anti-Semitism to take root in the mid-1800s as American Jews began to acquire land and opened bank.

That’s when the white establishment (politicians) who spread anti-Jewish sentiment through propaganda about the “takeover” and set the law in motion which affected only Jewish-run bank. These messages found their way into early cartoons, perpetuating stereotypes that were brought to life in the media that just a few years earlier.

Millions of young people watch discriminatory depictions of religious and racial groups and thus the ideas of dirt forming young minds. The latest episode of Brainwashed By Toons explore the long history of ideas in animation and cartoons to educate and encourage healthy, skeptical approach to the media.

Why did the Nazis respect Switzerland’s neutrality during WWII?

Switzerland was neutral, but was still armed to the teeth. When Germany invaded neutral Belgium in World War II to attack France in a better position, the Swiss are very fear (rightly). They made a plan entitled “National Redoubt” basically designed so that any enemy would look into Switzerland on a map and decide it was not worth it to annex Switzerland. They began compulsory military draft for men and were able to mobilize an army of 400,000 men in two days that men were (and they still do) keep their guns at home.

It is noteworthy that these people were trained to fight in the mountainous Swiss terrain. antitank guns were disguised as barns. There’s stuff like that all over the country, especially in the South of France. For example, in the photo below, the building on the left is a machine gun nest and one on the right is an anti-tank gun. They are connected by an underground tunnel.

Each road track railway tunnel and emerging in the country can be blown from a remote location (there are over 3,000 of these points). This would have invaded a logistical nightmare for the Germans. The Swiss have so many bunkers that the Germans could not use their Blitzkrieg tactics in its full extent. In addition, Switzerland has held a lot of gold from Nazi Germany, valued at $ 400 million. If Germany invaded Switzerland, the Swiss have kept the gold for themselves.

WikiImages / Pixabay

Although the Germans annexed Switzerland, they would probably not get back all of their gold. Moreover, Germany already fighting on many fronts; it was illogical to open another difficult useless. Perhaps in Hitler’s mind when they had won the war, only then they might even try an invasion of Switzerland. The Swiss strategy has always been to give up the big population and retreat centers in the Southern Alps, where more than 26,000 bunkers were built and the enemies are not used to fighting in such terrain. In 1938, the League of Nations granted freedom Switzerland international sanctions because of its neutrality.

Germany needed Switzerland to launder their money without penalties. Only Swiss banks do because they had to keep the name of the anonymous bank account owner in accordance with Swiss law. This is an invasion would be very costly and that Nazi Germany probably have been able to conquer Switzerland, they would have suffered heavy losses. Thus, while the cost-benefit analysis, Germany probably realized that it was a very stupid idea.

Police Arrest Family Twice in 2 Days for Loitering in own Front Yard

That town/sheriffs office just paid a lot of money for some really dumb decisions…

If you’re black Forget cold front of your own home. At least that’s what one township of Chester, Pennsylvania, the family discovered earlier this month after several family members were arrested for vagrancy.
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Rachel Briggs, a member of the family, it all started on October 1, when Pasquale Storace III officer arrested her son and nephew for “vagrancy” while playing in the front yard. The second time was held on October 2 when the young men who were arrested were returning home after spending the night in jail and were greeted by family members outside their house.

In trying to justify the arrests, police in Chester Township said the cursed family to them the second time, a man has launched a window of a cop car.
“The gentleman was taken to jail, they had high bails imposed on them. Families are scrambling to get their money together, they were able to get them out the next day, “Briggs told the news station.

However, young people are not out of the prison for long. When they were released and the grateful family members were welcome them back in the same court officer before Storace, who is white, once again reappeared again and arrested the young men and other family members the family’s lawyer Kevin Mincey said.

“This should not happen to any citizen, and certainly an owner or a person who rents a property,” said Mincey. “Chester Township Police Department failed my family. Instead of protecting us and serve us, they decided to attack us many times, “Briggs, who ended up being arrested and added.

South Park Has Been Banned In China For Their Joke

Always count on South Park to take the biggest stock they can find to the biggest wasp nest they can see…if your pissing people off, you know they are listening!

South Park recently released an episode called “Band in China.” Criticism comes in many shapes and sizes. And, as time travel, forms more to develop. South Park so, the adult animated series on the theme covering 23 seasons is one of the most unique ways to express criticism, namely the critique of pop culture, politics, and a host of other topics in the form of satire and dark humor surreal. However, the criticism, but a healthy thing, tends to feel unpleasant or, in some cases, offensive and even if it is portrayed in unorthodox ways mentioned above. Which is why South Park is in the news today.

In the show, the actors Kyle, Cartman, Stan, Kenny and form a successful metal band and try to become large in China. Unfortunately, they have to adapt their music to be up to the standards and requirements of the Chinese government.

With the Chinese authorities constantly on their shoulders, they eventually get fed and decide it is not worth living in a world where art is controlled by the Chinese government.

Moreover, the episode contains a subplot with Randy, the father of one of the protagonists travel to China to develop its marijuana business. China has strict laws on drugs, so he detained and sent to a prison camp. There he meets Winnie the Poo who was jailed for research as general secretary of China.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6DI6XuvCwE[/embedyt]
That prompted a response against the official Twitter account of South Park in the old South Park fashion:

Man Gets Grounded By Father-In-Law – “Many will say this post is fake and I really wish it was”

A redditor who is in his 30s, turned to the relationship advice subreddit after obtaining the land by his father-in-law. It all started at the dinner table. He and his wife were having dinner with her parents, who they visited on vacation, when his phone rang. “I had to take a phone call and I retreated to the table,” he wrote.

When he returned to the table, his food was gone. Her parents have told her to go to her room and stay there for 24 hours without dinner “as I was insubordinate to interrupt dinner. ” “My wife told me that I should accept to keep the peace. I do not want. Am I unreasonable? Should I accept this punishment? … what should I do to stop this? “The New Jersey native has asked his colleagues redditors.

He acceded to Reddit by cell phone data because its regulations have turned the WiFi off as part of his sentence. His sister-in-law was almost punished as well after being caught sneaking him food. “Many will say that this post is fake and I really wish it was,” he wrote.

Redditors are stunned by the audacity in the regulations to land an adult man, who is not even their child.

“I can not believe you are asking is in this issue. Or your wife says you have to accept it. This behavior is extremely abnormal on your PIF name. Just leave, “they wrote in response.

Some speculate that the wife of redditor has probably been subjected to this kind of “abusive” behavior in the past.

“It was probably the first time for him to experience, but for women, it is likely she knew the folly of his parents since childhood, and she may not even realize how batshit crazy, the situation is, so when it came to her husband she thought they should solve it the same way it was “solving since childhood in pandering to his parents, it may be enough to open his eyes just how screwed up the situation by talking to him, “one wrote.

Redditors give him advice on how to handle the ground, some suggesting he left his wife.

The redditor released an update later, claiming to have received an “overwhelming response” from “constructive” comments to a person even threatening to behead him.

“With my punishment, I realized learned my lesson. I talked things through with my wife and regulations and we agreed that I was out of line to interrupt dinner. We agreed that I will take measures to better boy and improve my behavior, “he wrote in his update.

Real Life GTA : Ryan Stone sentenced to 160 years in prison

Ryan Stone pushed things too far when he tried to imitate GTA in real life. Ryan Stone stole several cars to launch a high speed chase against the cops. Stone, 30, was prosecuted and sentenced to 160 years in prison.

However, recordings of conversations at Ryan Stone’s Friday sentencing hearing revealed a man who bragged about doing international news and depreciating victims in his case. Stone will likely be eligible for parole after 75 years, prosecutors said.

A Douglas County jury sentenced Stone on 18 charges in April, including attempted manslaughter, first degree assault and child abuse. During the March 2014 pursuit, Stone reached a speed of 100 mph as he ran on his shoulders and raced at full speed.

“You held that community hostage for 90 minutes that day,” Judge Paul King of Douglas County told Stone before convicting him.

The lawsuit began in Longmont, where Stone stole an SUV – carrying a 4-year-old boy strapped into a car seat – at a gas station. He stole two more vehicles before the end of the chase.

Private Bellamann Hee was seriously injured when Stone hit the soldier while driving at 90 mph. Hee had deployed a device to deflate the tires of the vehicle that Stone was driving shortly before being hit by the car. His leg was broken in 20 places. If Hee had been hit in another way, he would probably have been killed, prosecutors said.

When Friday Went Black

Ulysses S. Grant’s presidency did not go smoothly. One of the biggest scandals occurred in 1869, when a group of speculators raised the US gold market.

The plan began when financier James Fisk and baron robber Jay Gould formed a group of speculators with the aim of cornering the gold market, which would give the group the ability to manipulate prices. Of course, people can only corner the market if there is a fixed amount of gold. If not, the government can only sell large amounts of gold, and cornering efforts will be an expensive failure. In an effort to avoid this fate, Gould and Fisk bring President Grant Abel Corbin’s brother-in-law into their folds. Using Corbin’s influence to get an audience with the President, the couple will argue for Grant that selling gold is a terrible idea that the government must avoid it in any way. The clever couple also used their influence in the White House to secure a position as assistant treasurer of the United States for Daniel Butterfield, who would warn them if the government began selling gold.

Ulysses S. Grant’s popularity plummeted when his presidency grew and scandals damaged his reputation. No one attacked closer to home than Black Friday – the collapse of the U.S. gold market on September 24, 1869. At the root of the scandal were two famous bastards, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk.

With their connections in place, Fisk and Gould began buying gold in September 1869, quickly pushing gold prices up by around 30%. However, when Grant and his advisers were wise with this situation, the government quickly sold $ 4 million in gold to complete it, effectively killing rising prices on September 24. When investors try hard to get rid of their overpriced gold, prices drop sharply, and many involved in fraud lose a lot of money. Fisk and Gould managed to avoid big losses because of their connections in the treasury, but what was known as Black Friday did not give them a big windfall – and significantly harmed the American economy.