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Why did the Nazis respect Switzerland’s neutrality during WWII?

Switzerland was neutral, but was still armed to the teeth. When Germany invaded neutral Belgium in World War II to attack France in a better position, the Swiss are very fear (rightly). They made a plan entitled “National Redoubt” basically designed so that any enemy would look into Switzerland on a map and decide it was not worth it to annex Switzerland. They began compulsory military draft for men and were able to mobilize an army of 400,000 men in two days that men were (and they still do) keep their guns at home.

It is noteworthy that these people were trained to fight in the mountainous Swiss terrain. antitank guns were disguised as barns. There’s stuff like that all over the country, especially in the South of France. For example, in the photo below, the building on the left is a machine gun nest and one on the right is an anti-tank gun. They are connected by an underground tunnel.

Each road track railway tunnel and emerging in the country can be blown from a remote location (there are over 3,000 of these points). This would have invaded a logistical nightmare for the Germans. The Swiss have so many bunkers that the Germans could not use their Blitzkrieg tactics in its full extent. In addition, Switzerland has held a lot of gold from Nazi Germany, valued at $ 400 million. If Germany invaded Switzerland, the Swiss have kept the gold for themselves.

WikiImages / Pixabay

Although the Germans annexed Switzerland, they would probably not get back all of their gold. Moreover, Germany already fighting on many fronts; it was illogical to open another difficult useless. Perhaps in Hitler’s mind when they had won the war, only then they might even try an invasion of Switzerland. The Swiss strategy has always been to give up the big population and retreat centers in the Southern Alps, where more than 26,000 bunkers were built and the enemies are not used to fighting in such terrain. In 1938, the League of Nations granted freedom Switzerland international sanctions because of its neutrality.

Germany needed Switzerland to launder their money without penalties. Only Swiss banks do because they had to keep the name of the anonymous bank account owner in accordance with Swiss law. This is an invasion would be very costly and that Nazi Germany probably have been able to conquer Switzerland, they would have suffered heavy losses. Thus, while the cost-benefit analysis, Germany probably realized that it was a very stupid idea.

Dubai First Royale Mastercard one of the most desirable and prestigious credit cards in the world

The Dubai First Royale MasterCard is trimmed in real gold with a 0.235-carat diamond embedded in its center. Exclusivity cards began with the design. Dubai First Royale MasterCard is a striking black. There is a genuine gold wrap around both sides of the credit card. card center has a 0.235 carat diamond solitary. Yes, real diamonds. Everyone will know that you are rich as soon as you take it out of your wallet for the transaction.

One unique feature of the master card Royale is that there are no special benefits. This client, no need to discount dry cleaning. Instead, the master card is not only offering a dedicated relationship manager for financial and lifestyle managers, available 24 hours a day, for personal requests.

The Royale MasterCard does not have a credit limit and zero restrictions. You can swipe to buy something. The transaction is expected to go through. Yachts, houses, you name it.

This card is only available to members of the royal family and individuals in the category of high-net-worth. This card is not available for the app, online, by phone or in person. You can request a callback if you think you are qualified, but do not hold your breath. This card is available by invitation only, and only become ridiculously rich, does not guarantee your eligibility.


  • According to the bank, the card gets you a “dedicated relationship manager” who provides “royal lifestyle management”. You name it, they get it !!
  • The card is rumored to have no credit limit and zero restrictions.
    • As per one of the bank’s representative – “Whatever he or she wants to swipe it on, the transaction must go through. If the client likes a yacht on holiday, he or she should be able to buy it”.
  • The joining fee is undisclosed. However, it is touted to be around 7000 Dirhams (around $2000) and you need to be a Ultra-HNI from UAE or someone from royal family to be invited. Must I say, this is by-invite only.
    • To be invited, you need to have a $1,000,000,000 in your account. Isn’t that an obscene amount to have?
  • Not much is known in terms of offers on this card though !!

Bre-X Fools for Gold Fraud

Bre-X Minerals Ltd. was a small Canadian mining company that made a big announcement in 1995. Geologists had discovered gold on a site Bre-X owned near Busang, Indonesia. Not just a little gold, either—at least 30 million ounces, possibly as much as 200 million ounces. Given the high prices of gold, such a deposit would have been worth tens of billions of dollars. Bre-X’s stock price shot through the roof; shares went from being valued at a few cents to over $280 Canadian.

In fact, the deposit seemed so rich and so large that a small company like Bre-X could not possibly handle it all without some help. In 1997, the Indonesian government convinced Bre-X to take on an American firm as a partner to help extract the gold. When this firm, Freeport-McMoRan, started sampling the soil at the deposit site as part of its due diligence, it reached a confusing conclusion: there wasn’t any gold in the soil. Subsequent examinations by independent auditors reached the same conclusion. The “natural”?? gold that in the original samples Bre-X had taken was mostly river gold from other regions or shavings off of gold jewelry.

Although the company’s market cap had climbed to $4.4 billion, this report quickly destroyed Bre-X’s value. Share prices dropped 97 percent in a day following the announcement, the company was soon removed from the Toronto Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, and Bre-X quickly went bankrupt. Amazingly, no one ended up in jail from this scam, but you should still probably be wary if anyone offers to sell you an enormous gold mine on Borneo.