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Selfies kill more people than sharks -“there is no sin except stupidity”

Selfie is a recent phenomenon and has been appointed as the word of 2013 by Oxford Dictionary. Google estimates that 24 billion selfies were uploaded to Google Photos in 2015. About 1 million selfies are clicked per day in 18 to 24 demographic. Pew Research Center showed that nearly 55 percent of millennials have posted a selfie on social media services.

Depending on how you are narcissistic and how selfies you took, you may not be aware of the most alarming piece of news related selfie-: kill Selfies. Literally. In fact, a Conde Nast Traveler Article selfie compared death to death by shark attack and concluded that death selfie won in 2015, which seems rather shocking until you look at the number of victims of shark attack and realize that this is not so high. (Sharks usually kill about six people each year.) Yet even a death as something preventable like selfie executed stupidly too.

Most selfie-related deaths occur when the selfie taker is in a risky but impressive position as standing in front of a moving train or a charging bull or posing with a grenade. In a recent tragedy, a Polish couple died before their children after he jumped a security barrier and tried to take a selfie on the edge of a cliff.

Now it is interesting to note that people are dying to do stupid things all the time, so really this is just another version of climbing Mount Everest or doing acrobatics atop a skyscraper 62 story, except that it is accessible to almost everyone with a smartphone. So as much as we would all like to believe that most humans are smart enough not to die in a crash selfie, you should never underestimate the power of ‘it will not happen to me. “

Too much masturbation! Concern about the dangers of masturbation was not the sole remit of the Victorians

In the old days when knights were bold, imagine you are a young man living in Britain in Victorian times, and you went to a doctor complaining that you were feeling stressed, tired, anxious, irritable lately, and after the doctor ask some embarrassing questions about your sexual habits and if you have been honest with your answers -it comes with a diagnosis of spermatorrhea.


Now you get more anxious to know what is espermatorrea? (If you know how to pronounce it), and what it does? The doctor looks into his eyes and said: Too masturbation!

The disease defined as “the excessive discharge of semen caused by illegal or excessive sexual activity, particularly masturbation” by the Journal of the History of Sexuality.


Who discovered? “In 1758, Swiss physician Samuel-Auguste Tissot reported this disease. He had published his theory about the devastating effects of self-stimulation. It claimed- masturbation and nocturnal emissions are more terrible than smallpox because he stole the body of sperm – carrying vital energy “.

By the Victorian era, everyone believed that nocturnal emissions, masturbation considered characteristic of the disease. They had to stop these nocturnal erections (wet dreams) and limit the people of masturbation. (Obviously those who had no self-control). They had to find a way, they built this medical equipment called – jugum penis (German) – also known as a “ring Impurities in.”


It is an anti-masturbation device- There was a serrated metallic rings mounted on the base of the penis of a notch of the screw or a clip. Any erection cause pain that serrated teeth cram into the penis. These treatments were needed vicious-looking? Masturbation was considered a serious threat to the physical and mental health, leading to weakness, folly, and maybe even death.

Imagine in 2019 you went to a doctor and complain about feeling a little tired and it gives you a metal ring with sharp teeth and had to wear it every night – and it stings an erection to de- erect (Ouch! Ouch ouch). Fear not, they do not.

North Sentinel Island – Tribe on the remote island of India would kill anyone who tried Coming ashore

North Sentinel Island is located in the Bay of Bengal. It’s a bit far from civilization and no one has been able to make contact with the native inhabitants. The island is one of the last places left on earth not civilized!

An Indian tribe has lived on the island with very limited contact with outsiders. Anyone who has tried to explore the island has been attacked or killed directly. North Sentinel is so dangerous for foreigners that the Indian government has established an exclusion zone three miles in an effort to prevent further violence.

On January 26, 2006, two fishermen killed by the tribe when their boat was floating near the island. A Coast Guard helicopter Indian has tried to recover the bodies of the fishermen, but was prevented from landing when he was greeted with a hail of arrows tribesmen.

On August 2, 1981, the ship grounded on the reef Spring Island North Sentinel. Within a short period of time, shipmates noticed the motionless boat men on the bank carried spears and arrows and construction of boats on the beach. The captain radioed a drop of arms to the ship could defend himself, but did not receive them. Fortunately, heavy seas kept the islanders enough for the crew to be rescued by a helicopter time.

After the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, the Indian government sent a helicopter to check the inhabitants of the island. While other nearby islands were strongly affected, Sentinelese appeared to have been unharmed. The helicopter observed several members of the clan shooting arrows and throwing stones at the plane floating in an apparent attempt to repel it.
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According to the figure between 50 and 400, the Sentinelese have lived in isolation on the island for 60,000 years. The treetops depth makes it difficult to observe the Sentinelese from the air, but based on limited observation data are supposed to hunters.

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When planning a vacation, online reviews about where you plan to visit can come handy. Perhaps the reason why Google for a long time now, has allowed its users to rank and review the mountains, oceans, rivers and even the rainforests. These comments besides being outrageously funny also give interesting insights instead. While the Pacific Ocean, the Amazon rainforest and the Ganges were very popular among users in the past, an interesting destination draw an upward trend on the Google Search Popularity list is North Sentinel Island, which is located on the east coast of India in the Andaman and the Nicobar group.

To give you a brief description on North Sentinel island, it is home to the indigenous Sentinele, which has long forbidden contact with the outside world. The island has been in the news recently for the death of former US adventurer John Allen Chau 27 years who tried to enter the place and communicate with tribal members without taking proper permission from the Indian government which is required to enter the area.

With such a rocking incident regions it a few days ago, one would hope that people give opinions rather unpleasant place. However, contrary to all expectations, the island has received 4097 comments so far and it was evaluated 3.9 Google Search.

Stanislav Petrov – The man who saved the world from nuclear Armageddon

But what is more interesting than the note are the views that people who have recently visited the place shared on Google Search. Beautiful scenery not so good arrows meat in the body, the opinions on North Sentinel Island tell a strange and funny story.

Fashion brand introduced school shooting hoodies at fashion show and caused massive outrage

In a series of images displayed on their Instagram. Bstroy label highlighted a series of hooded sweatshirts featuring the names of schools that are well known as the site of some of the deadliest shootings mass in American history.

The Bstroy brand recently introduced its spring collection 2020 clothing at a fashion show. Among the clothes presented, there was hoodies featuring the names of infamous shootings in schools and bullet holes. This movement, which was described as “tasteless” and “disgusting”, created a game among Internet users, as well as school shooting survivors.

Scroll to Bored powerful in-depth interview with 19 years of Panda Angelina Lazo, a survivor of the shooting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, about his thoughts on controversial hoodies fashion brand. Angelina also shared what happened to her and her friends during the shooting that took place in 2018.

The hoodies have the Sandy Hook ‘names “Columbine,” “Virginia Tech” and “Marjory Stoneman Douglas,” sewn on their foreheads. 26 people were killed in Sandy Hook, 13 people at Columbine High School 32 at Virginia Tech, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas 17 to High School.

Most Internet users thought that the fashion brand was “unethical” and “false” however, some people rushed to the defense of the mark in stating that _meant_ to create outrage and generate publicity for the problem of firearms in the United States.

Bstroy co-founder and designer brick Owens posted a statement about the clothing line on Instagram: “Sometimes life can be painfully ironic. As irony of violent death in a place where you considered a safe and controlled environment, such as school. It reminds us all the time of the fragility of life, shortness of breath and unpredictability but also reminds us of its infinite potential ‘.

A couple of cups of coffee a day keep the doctor away

British scientists from more than 200 studies on coffee consumption and health, published in The BMJ, a British medical journal.

According to the researchers, people who drink three to four cups of coffee a day are more likely to see the health benefits that damage with premature death rate of cardiovascular disease and lower liver disease.

Drink more coffee is also associated with a decrease in many types of cancer, including prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, liver cancer, according to the findings of researchers. Type 2 diabetes rates, gallstones and dementia associated with coffee consumption were also lower.

Drinking three to four cups of coffee is the most beneficial to health, except for pregnant women and people prone to fractures.

Given that this was an analysis of existing studies, it is impossible to take into account many other factors that have affected the health of subjects. More studies are needed to determine causation and not just correlation. In other words, it may be that people healthier also drink coffee, but the findings of the analysis suggest that there are more positive than negative effects.

Although the review has shown that coffee consumption had more benefits than harm, studies have not been adjusted for important confounders such as body mass index, smoking, age, alcohol consumption, income and education levels.

Twitter Reacts To Trump Vape Ban

After a series of vaping-related illnesses in the country, which have left hundreds of people in hospital and caused at least six deaths, the Trump administration has announced plans to ban most flavored vaping products. The administration cited an “epidemic” of e-cigarette use among teenagers, accusing nicotine-flavored products of attracting more children to smoking.

President Trump announced this decision at a press conference during which he mentioned Melania’s son, Baron, while apparently forgetting for half a second that he is also Baron’s father. He also described the relatively new problem of vaping as “not wonderful”.

The government’s swift action on the issue of vaping after only six deaths stands in stark contrast to its reluctance to give in to measures such as the extension of gun control measures, while large-scale shootings have resulted in a number of deaths. died in August alone.

Twitter users quickly questioned the apparent hypocrisy of this move:

Titanic Caused Sinking Of Another Ship – SS Eastland

The sinking of the Titanic caused great loss of lives. Many believed that if there were adequate lifeboats, the number of deaths could be lower. Following the tragedy of the Titanic, shipmakers introduced smarter safety regulations to increase passenger safety in other ships. That didn’t help much though. It even played part in the death 800 people. Having enough lifeboats in Eastland ship doubled the problem rather than providing a solution. It was in 1915 when the Eastland rolled several seconds after it took off and killed 844 of the 2,500 people inside the ship. The heavy boat’s weight made it lose control leading to the disaster.

What caused the SS Eastland to sink

The Eastland, docked at the Clark Street Bridge, never left the Chicago River. Tragedy struck as the ship rolled over into the river at the wharf’s edge. More than 2,500 passengers and crew members were on board that day – and 844 people lost their lives, including 22 entire families.

Will and Grace — Blown Away

Diminutive actor (4’11 “) Leslie Jordan received an Emmy Award for her role as Beverley Leslie on thorns at Will and Grace. She is rich and traveling in the same social circle as Karen and likes to openly drop one or two pegs.

Even though Beverley was married, other characters saw him as a closed gay man. And their presumption might be right, because in the last episode it was revealed that Karen had pushed Jack who was reluctant to adjust to Beverley. When the tiny Beverley is flown from the balcony by a gust of wind and falls to his death, Jack is the heir of his estate, which allows him and Karen to continue their bacchanalian friendship.

Interestingly enough, the authors originally intended for Beverley’s character Leslie to be the woman played by Joan Collins. But Ms. Collins leaves the project after reading a script involving a fight between Beverley and Karen, where Bev’s wig will be revoked.