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Back in the 1950’s Santa almost started a nuclear attack

In the 1950s, the huge nuclear arsenal of America was monitored at a place called Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD). CONAD hosted the first mass destruction phone, nicknamed “The Red Phone.” If this phone has never rang, the Air Force were ordered to launch every weapon in their arsenal to the enemies of the day. This phone was never supposed to sound.

Colonel Harry Shoup, the officer of the Air Force responsible for responding to the red phone, had a series of minor heart attacks as phone keeps ringing Christmas Eve 1955. See, a toy store Colorado Springs printed up an advertisement for children to call a number and speak with Santa. Unfortunately, there was a typo in this announcement, and children who called ended up talking with the Colonel Shoup.

Colonel Shoup was a very good sport on phone calls and kept the children informed about the whereabouts of Santa Claus. In a series of events escalating more suitable for an apocalyptic movie Hallmark that reality, the Third World War has been delayed, and NORAD CONAD successor organization-began using its considerable resources to begin the annual follow Santa and the children of the world learned the true meaning of Christmas without radiation.

The Star Wars Holiday Special FULL VIDEO – It Only Aired Once, But Drew In Massive Audiences

Few shows that air once become legendary, but the Star Wars Holiday Special did, because it’s just terrible. Broadcast live up to Patchwork Star Wars fever in 1978, the science fiction written by veteran television variety show centered around celebrations “Life Day” on the home planet of Chewbacca. Much of the action featured Chewbacca’s family watching holographic TV; Diahann Carroll made a slightly erotic dance, Harvey Korman played a multiple TV chief army, and Bea Arthur sang a song from the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Donald Trump took a swipe at Greta Thunberg – Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has made it her mission to lower greenhouse gas emissions and make the world a greener

Star Wars Original Star members Harrison Ford distribution, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher made very brief appearances, and they were very sorry. At a press conference for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, Ford called “an embarrassment” special while Fisher called “terrible, and I do not want terrible in the right direction. “Hamill said in a Reddit” Ask Me Anything “session that he thought the special holiday” was a mistake from the start. “He said he initially turned down, but Lucas said the show would” help keep Star Wars in consciousness.

The infamous special holiday is a kind of cinematic Bigfoot. He is so famous, everyone knows what special holiday reading of which we speak. Many talk about it, but few have seen and facts about Star Wars Holiday Special is rare and creepy. The special was a high-profile televised event which aired only once in 1978, and has since been adopted by the bands around bootlegged and, subsequently, Internet piracy. The singular adds will be broadcast live to the mystique of the event, but it was hidden for more closely related to the shame of reasons.

The “story” follows the Wookie Chewbacca family awaiting the return of Chewie for Life Day, which is essentially the space of Christmas. The special is a kind of variety show, with many odd, oddly placed vignettes interspersed in the main drama. The story of what happened to the Star Wars Holiday Special is almost as outrageous as the movie itself. George Lucas, in a rare moment of honest self-assessment, hated the whole thing, and tried to erase from history. Unfortunately for Mr. Lucas, famous nerds have long and detailed memories, so the fire infamous dumpster special television on life to induce shame in a whole new generation of Star Wars fans.

We Found the Guy My Math Teacher Was Talking About

We think exactly the same, when we used to see people food shopping for Christmas.. When you consider that the shops are closed for one day you have to wonder who they’re feeding.. A VERY large family or the dustbin!.. ( Where the majority of it ends up).. We kind of hoping these guys buying huge amounts of bananas, have either a bakery of a zoo!

‘Charles Darwin’ ate almost every animal he discovered – Dining Like Darwin

Charles Darwin is most famous for his work as a naturalist, developing a theory of evolution to explain the biological change. A lesser well known on the scientific explorer of the 19th century he had an equally adventurous palate. He ate with several of his impatience specimens, including iguanas, armadillos and rheas.

Darwin developed his exotic appetite at a young age. During his studies at the College of Christ, Cambridge, he chaired Glutton Club of the University. The club’s main objective was to look “strange flesh” and consume the “birds and the beasts that were previously unknown to the human palate. ”

“Although Darwin was finally done pretty well in his final exams, most of her three years was spent eating exotic meats with its Glutton Club, drink too much, his horse, and of course collecting beetles. ”

The club was, by all accounts, a resounding success. Unfortunately for Darwin, the Epicurean company came to a screeching halt when a brown owl particularly stringy was presented for dinner. According to The Guardian, the club members decided to “focus their studies on the effects of the port accompanying their place meat. ”

The “Father of evolution” continued to have many more culinary adventures aboard the HMS Beagle, “where he was deliberately fed armadillos, which” taste and look like duck, “and an unnamed 20 chocolate-colored rodents books, he announced, was “the best meat I have ever tasted. ”
darwin3 reduced

His only culinary misstep occurred in December 1833 at Port Desire, when the artist ship procured a rhea (a large flightless bird native Altiplano and Patagonia in South America) for the Christmas dinner. Darwin wrote in his notes that he realized he was eating an extremely rare petise Avestruz. He immediately jumped off the table and tried to save the remains of the unfortunate bird victim. He managed to save “the head and neck, legs, and most large feathers. “

Best and Popular South Park Quotes & One-Liners

South Park Sayings South Park Quotes, South Park Quotations. Sayings and One-liners from popular TV show.

And now Best from South Park

Eric Cartman: Hippies. They’re everywhere. They wanna save the earth, but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.

Stan: Dude, dolphins are intelligent and friendly.
Cartman: Intelligent and friendly on rye bread with some mayonnaise.

Chef: You know what they say: You can’t teach a gay dog straight tricks.

Stan: You know, I think that if parents would spend less time worrying about what their kids watch on TV and more time worrying about what’s going on in their kids’ lives, this world would be a much better place.

Kyle: I think that parents only get so offended by television because they rely on it as a babysitter and the sole educator of their kids.

The level at which South Park takes it’s detail is ridiculous , look at he audience

south park demotivator

Satan: Without evil there could be no good, so it must be good to be evil sometimes.

Benjamin Franklin: I believe that if we are to form a new country, we cannot be a country that appears war-hungry and violent to the rest of the world. However, we also cannot be a country that appears weak and unwilling to fight, to the rest of the world. So, what if we form a country that appears to want both.
Thomas Jefferson: Yes, yes of course, we go to war and protest going to war at the same time….
Benjamin Franklin: And that means that as a nation, we could go to war with whomever we wished, but at the same time act like we didn’t want to. If we allow the people to protest what the government does, then the country will be forever blameless.
John Adams: It’s like having your cake and eating it too.
Anonymous Hick Redneck Founding Father: Think of it: an entire nation founded on saying one thing and doing another.
John Hancock: And we will call that country the United States of America.

Eric Cartman: Stan, don’t you know the first law of physics? Anything that’s fun costs at least eight dollars.

Chef: Don’t do drugs kids. There is a time and place for everything. It’s called college.

Kyle: Dude, Cartman, look! Your mom is on the cover of Crack Whore magazine.

Kyle: The fat bitch won’t let us.
Bus Driver: What did you say!?
Kyle: I said rabbits eat lettuce.

Sportscaster Frank: I haven’t seen an Englishman take a blow like that since Hugh Grant!

Sportscaster Frank: I haven’t seen a Jew run like that since Poland, 1938!

Cartman: Mom–Kitty is being a dildo.
Mrs. Cartman: Well, I know a little kitty who is sleeping with Mommy tonight.

Kyle: Kick the baby!
Ike: Don’t kick the goddamn’ baby.

Terrance: I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you’re perfectly healthy. The bad news is that you have cancer.

Stan’s Mom: Stan, what did I tell you about watching the Osbournes? It’s going to make you retarded!

Cartman (on a goat sent to him and his friends by some kids in Afghanistan): It’s an Afghanistan goat, so it can’t stay here, or else it’ll choke on the sweet air of freedom.

Stan: I don’t want to shoot the bunny.
Uncle Jimbo: No nephew of mine is going to be a tree hugger.
Cartman: Yeah, hippie. Go back to Woodstock if you don’t want to shoot anything.

Other Mom: Can Eric spend the night?
Mrs. Cartman: No, I’m sorry, Eric is grounded for trying to exterminate the Jews last week.

Mr. Garrison: No, that’s wrong, Cartman. But don’t worry. There are no stupid answers, just stupid people.

Mr. Garrison: Gay people, well, gay people are EVIL. Evil right down to their cold black hearts which pump not blood like yours or mine, but rather–a thick, vomitous oil that oozes through their rotten veins and clots in their pea-sized brains; which becomes the cause of their Nazi-esque patterns of violent behavior. Do you understand?

Eric Cartman: Attention shoppers! Outside today, we have a cripple fight. Cripple fight, outside!

Uncle Jimbo: Hell, everything’s legal in Mexico. It’s the American way!

Mr Garrison: Genetic engineering is man’s way of correcting God’s hideous mistakes, like German people.

Eric Cartman: I hate hippies! I mean, the way they always talk about ‘protectin’ the earth’ and then drive around in cars that get poor gas mileage and wear those stupid bracelets – I hate ’em! I wanna kick ’em in the nuts!

Mr. Garrison: Who was in charge of the feminist movement of the early ’60’s?
Cartman: A bunch of fat old skanks on their periods.
Mr. Garrison: Right. But who was the fattest, oldest skank on her period?

Eric Cartman: Well, I looked in my mom’s closet and saw what I was getting for Christmas, an UltraVibe Pleasure 2000.

Teacher: Kyle, concentrate!!!
Cartman: Maybe he should be sent to a concentration camp.