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Сat William met his son named Kokos

Father : listen son right now these so called humans think were the cutest thing they every seen, we must capture their hearts even more my son

Son : but how will we do that ?

Father : that is an easy task my son. I will teach you the ways of being a cute house cat, soon you will learn too and pass it down to your kittens in the future to continue our conquest of taking over the human hearts with our fluffy cuteness !!!!

Son : Teach me papa 😀 !!!

Oh my god how many brain cells can one individual lack

Mine was a cat, then a dog, then a hamster, now he says he is super mario. Changing identity is becoming a time consuming process and he is only 4! Well, parents are allowed to make stupid decisions on behalf of their children. If we allow people to treat their children’s pneumonia with essential oils, indoctrinate them into cults and mutilate their genitalia, how’s this any different?

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails? Interpreting Your Cat’s Tail Wagging

Do cats even wag their tails? Most people would say no, dogs wag their tails, cats do not. But cats do not move their tails and tails can be very expressive, and give you an indication as to what exactly happens in the mind of a cat.

“Cats have very expressive cues, so the position of the tail and motion can tell us a few things,” said Dr. Eloise light, a veterinarian based in North Ryde, Australia. Of course, the movements of the tail are only one piece of the puzzle body language. Other important physical signs noted include everything from posture and facial expressions to the position of the ears and tail.

The six movements of the tail, deconstructed, can help decipher the body language of your cat and help you determine if your cat is ready to cuddle or you need to back off.

congerdesign / Pixabay

The vertical tail and tail Quiver

A vertical tail (or vertical) and tail quivers (or tail rattle) are often signs of a friendly hello to your feline. A vertical tail is usually a sign of a happy, confident cat, said Margaret Donohue, psychologist and former coach cat in Santa Clarita, California. The bright Dr. agrees. “If your cat does little thrill of the tail when he sees you, it means he is happy and content. ”

The tail Wrapped

Kitty never could wrap his tail around your hand, arm or neck?

“Cats often wrap their tails around the leg or arm of an owner to show affection, but whim is more commonly used,” Donohue said. Whether a friendly tail-wrap or knock on the arm of their head, which is often a clear sign of the love of a cat.

The tail flick (or, Straight Out and Back Tail)

Not to be confused with a shudder down film of the tail is a pretty obvious move. A feline hold its low tail stretched rigidly and before flick back, which indicates dissatisfaction, according to Dr. Bright. The low film can also be a sign of an angry cat that is ready to pounce, Donohue said, and it is often used when a cat stalks prey airborne.


Different from the movement of the tail, the rustle usually means your cat is ready to pounce on your hand, usually in a more playful manner and mood, according to Dr. Bright.

“If your cat is the type of ambush your ankles when in a fiery temper, throw a toy as a decoy when you see the tail swish,” she said.

The Fluffy Tail Arched

If faced with another animal or anything a cat sees as a danger, it is common to see a fluffed-up tail. The fluffy tail, especially if combined with a hunched back, is used in response to a threat, Dr. Bright said, and is used to make the cat look bigger and scarier to his nemesis.


If you ever notice your cat looking out the window carefully, it is possible, it may be accompanied by a slight contraction at the end of the tail. This may mean the interest or concentration on something, according to Dr. Bright.

Raccoons are intelligent and resourceful creatures – Clever trash-panda !

Raccoons are some of the most adaptable creatures in the Americas, occupying rural and urban areas in different climates. Here are some things you may not know about the little masked bandits.

1. IQ

One of the facts we found most interesting about raccoons is that they rank above the cat and just below monkeys mammal IQ scale. Monkeys are generally considered to mark just below humans and apes on the IQ scale, which means that intelligence raccoon is not as far behind us as we would think.

2. Evolving Intelligence

Based on several experimental studies based in Canada, scientists have observed that raccoons have tended to use the situation to further their intelligence. A series of dustbin lids were developed with the intention to keep the raccoons, and each progressive round, they were able to understand the craft and possibly open the trash. This indicates that humans evolved in more urbanized areas, raccoons have evolved with them, and are able to learn and store information for new experiences.

3. Domestication

Raccoons have proven capable of domestication, which is a simple feat for the average pet. Not only are they able to be domesticated, once domesticated, their owners are often able to teach them the skills of the average young human child would possess. Such a raccoon, Melanie, learned to ride a bike, clap, dance and ring a bell.

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

4. Lab Rat

Raccoons have been seen next to rats, mice and monkeys as the ideal animal for laboratory tests because of their remarkable intelligence. However, they were determined to be too strong will and even too smart for laboratory tests. They would often smarter than lab technicians and escape to hide in air vents and proved to be very defensive when they feel threatened.

5. Capacities of survival

Raccoons can survive and even thrive almost anywhere around the world, as it is a current source close to the water. They are located throughout Europe, North America and Asia, and are well known for their ability to protect themselves and their resourcefulness. This level of intelligence and adaptability is not in many other creatures and is yet another feature of raccoons that makes them stand out.

Although it may seem disturbing that raccoons are so smart, it also explains why they are so good at getting into trouble and sneaking into the trash. They might not be quite smarter than humans, but they are certainly not far behind; So if you find yourself facing one, do not try to outsmart; a professional.

Woman Was Kicked Off A Plane For Bringing An Emotional Support Pig On Board

The woman was issued a flight after a pig traveling with her “emotional support” began screeching was identified uncontrollably.

Rachel Boerner, traveling from Connecticut to his family home in South Carolina for Thanksgiving with her boyfriend when Hobey 36 kg passengers complained about the smell.

ABC News reports that the passengers of US Airways flight initially thought Boerner was carrying a small bag.

“But it turns out it was not a travel bag. We could feel it and it was a pig on a leash, “Jonathan Skolnik told ABC News. “She was attached to the rest of the arm next to me and started treating his business, but the pig was walking back. “Professor Skolnik added: “I’m terrified, because I thought, I’ll be on the plane with pork. ”

Air guidelines allow a variety of animals, including monkeys and miniature horses, which will be presented on flights as support designated animals.

Passenger Rob Phelps, 65, told the media that the appearance on the hog flight pushed “a mixture of uncontrollable laughter and shock” and described the squeals as three times as strong as those of a child. “I’ve seen dogs and cats in cages on a plane – but never a pig,” he said.

A spokesman for the parent company US Airways American Airlines told the TV out the pork, estimated to weigh between 20-30kg, had been placed on board by the passenger as an “emotional support animal.”

Mrs. Boerner asked to leave after the pig became disruptive, the spokesman.

One speaker, Joe D, said he was on the flight. “That’s my left shoulder in the picture,” he wrote. “It was the most surreal flying experience of my life. How the animals of this size allowed in a cabin of a plane? This should not be allowed “.

Guy Installs Camera To Keep An Eye On Cat At Night

A cat dad in Thailand decided that he would know if he has set up a hidden camera to record his furbaby while he himself was sleeping. Sure, the guy was ready to see a strange business, but he never for a moment should see his cat shows her body on holding sleep.

If your cat disturbs your sleep cycles there are actually a few things you can try to put them on the same model of sleep you. Try to get your tired cat with ample play sessions at night before going to bed You can also try feeding them just before bedtime, cats tend to sleep more securely after eating a large meal.

The best remedy of all, of course, is to keep your cat locked out of the room at night – after all, but of course, most of us cat lovers never go with that suggestion!

Owner does not intend to discourage cat to be as comfortable as it wishes at night, knowing that the desire of the cat to be as close to him as possible is really just a reflection of what is in his heart.

Here is a list of 20 weird superstitions

1. A bird in the house is a sign of death.

2. A loaf of bread should never be turned upside down after cutting a slice.

3. Never carry a broom when you move. Drop it and buy a new one.

4. If the first butterfly you see in the year is white, you will have good luck all year.

5. If a black cat walks towards you, it brings good fortune, but if it moves away, it brings good luck.

6. An acorn in the window will keep lightning

7. A dog that howls at night when someone in the house is sick is a bad omen.

8. It is bad luck to leave a house through a different door than the one that used to enter.

9. A horseshoe hanging in the bedroom will keep nightmares away.

10. If a leaf falls on the first day of autumn, it will not catch cold all winter.

11. If a mirror in the house falls and breaks alone, someone in the house will die soon.

12. Dropping an umbrella on the floor means there will be a murder in the house.

13. All windows must be opened at the time of death so that the soul can leave.

14. If the groom drops the wedding ring during the ceremony, the marriage is condemned.

15. Dreaming of a lizard is a sign that you have a secret enemy.

16. If a friend gives you a knife, you must give him a coin, or your friendship will be broken soon.

17. You should never start a trip on Friday or you will face misfortune.

18. The dream of running: a sign of a great change in your life.

19. If a clock that has not worked suddenly sounds, there will be a death in the family.

20. It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same match.

Duck Lips – Stupid Internet Trend That Need to Stop

By at least 1989, duck face was used by scientists studying chimpanzees to describe the expression they make doing certain kinds of behavior like grooming. To be fair, actresses like Marilyn Monroe had been making this face for decades to make their lips look bigger—although it was more likely to be described as a “kissy face” pre-1989.

While you could argue that the dawn of Myspace profile pictures and digital cameras in the first half of the 2000s spawned the pose, it really picked up around 2012 just as Instagram started getting popular. Despite being the butt of many jokes, it still hasn’t disappeared.

For women, they found, the best option was that flirty, pursed-lips expression commonly known as the “duck face.” As long as women were looking directly at the camera, a flirty duck face was even more enticing than a smile.

Even men who made a duck face while looking at the camera did about as well as men who simply smiled.

Then, in 2015, a group of scientists waded into the duck-face discussion. Researchers analyzed 123 selfies taken from Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter, and had each person whose picture was analyzed complete a personality questionnaire.

This is a face used in many teenage facebook pictures. They stick their lips out in a fashion that resembles a duck’s beak. It is meant to be seductive, although why anyone would think ducks are sexy, I don’t know. Stay away from these girls, prolonged exposure to them may cause brain cell damage. This is not to be confused with a kissy face, which is a girl making a face as if she were about to kiss someone. This is an okay face under the circumstances that she is in a relationship and sending it to her boyfriend because she’s traveling far away or blowing kisses to her mom or dad through skype. It’s Valentines day. If it is not under these circumstances, then it’s just as bad as duck lips. Results showed that those who made a duck face were more likely to be neurotic, which means they tend to be anxious and moody.