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Oh yes, good old airport "random" selection

Airport radomly selected

It must be a nightmare to do US travel if you are in any way associated with the Middle East in the minds of airport security.  Ironic, since most acts of terrorism in the USA in the last 20 years have been perpetrated by white men. Hopefully now they will be looking for people similar to those who invaded the capital on Jan 6th.

Holding a Black Lives Matter Sign in America's Most Racist T

Evil has a way of camouflaging itself in different cultures. In some
places they blatantly practice  and worship evil as a spiritual thing in
other places it disguises itself as politics, religion, money, and
power. In America it’s definitely money and politics. Many of these
people probably go to church every week (many of them shouted Christian
things in this video) and that’s exactly where the evil wants them,
self-righteous and blind, paving the way for it to spread and claim more
unwitting souls.