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Hoax Story – Wisconsin Concrete Deer Hoax

If you live in Wisconsin, you DO NOT need to remove the deer statues from your front lawn. They can stay where they are, no matter how tacky your neighbors might think they are.

Recently, some Wisconsin residents reported receiving a letter, apparently from the state’s Department of Natural Resources, informing them to “please remove any concrete deer ornaments from your lawn by November 1, 2015.”

The letter went on to explain that the Department would be conducting a state-wide deer count “and some yard ornaments may have been counted over the past two years by mistake.”

On Monday (Sep 29, 2015), the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources posted an official denial of this letter on its Facebook page:

Several of you have contacted us regarding a document that appears to be a letter from DNR asking people to remove concrete deer ornaments from their yards. This letter is a fake. It was not crafted, nor distributed by DNR. DNR is not asking the public to remove concrete deer ornaments or any other lawn ornaments from their yard.

So there you have it. The concrete deer can stay.

The Poke – Take a bow, south Aussie police, your ‘S.A.U.S.A.G.E dog’ April Fool will not be bettered

If you only watch one April Fool’s video then make it this one, a police department video about a new type of police dog that went viral because it’s very funny and utterly adorable.

The clip went viral on Reddit after it was shared by ImAlwaysTilted_ and here are our favourite three things people said about it.

‘You may laugh, but have you ever tried to lift a German Shepard up into a ceiling space? They crash right through then stare at you like you’re the asshole.’ Kindofsickofyou

‘S.A.U.S.A.G.E dogs lol.’ fatality15

‘I lost my shit when they said…. we can attach them to DRONES!!’ baxterrocky

Source Twitter @SAPoliceNews Reddit u/ImAlwaysTilted_

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Do Animals Have Sex For Pleasure?

We do realize that creatures can encounter joy. Consider stroking a feline under its jawline or getting the great spot directly behind a canine’s ear.

In any case, do they experience delight from all cooperations? Say, animalistic ones? People are known to get joy from sex, however do creatures?

The most ideal way researchers think they’ll discover an answer is by zeroing in on sexual associations between creatures that happen outside the motivation behind multiplication. This could mean experiences out mating season or gay practices. All in all, sex with no reason … other than fun.

Investigations of a few unique primates have created some unusual outcomes.


Bonobos and white-confronted capuchin monkeys are known to participate in sexual action with more seasoned, more youthful, and same-sex individuals from their own species.

Both have likewise been recorded having hetero intercourse at non-beneficial occasions, for example, prior to arriving at sexual development, when the female is pregnant, or when she is as yet lactating after a new birth – times when it would be unthinkable for them to get pregnant.

It is difficult to decide whether these experiences are based off delight, notwithstanding.

Do these primates realize their sexual accomplice can’t get pregnant in these occasions?

One way researchers have attempted to discover the appropriate response is by considering certain associations which, in the human world, are exclusively joy driven. These incorporates oral sex, the female climax, and masturbation.

In no species on Earth do any of these exercises cause pregnancy.

Researchers who need to try not to exemplify creatures rationalize oral sex with sensible reasons.

Spectators of the short-nosed natural product bat in southern China recorded fellatio as a typical practice between mates; notwithstanding, they just recorded it happening at the same time with hetero sexual intercourse, going about as a method to drag out the demonstration.

In the animals of the world collectively this can be disclosed as an endeavor to guarantee preparation – the more you go at it the more probable the eggs will be treated.

In Croatia, analysts recorded a few oral experiences between two male earthy colored bears. They authorize the bears’ conduct to the way that the two had been stranded before they were weaned from their moms, however. A Freudian reason.

In these two cases, the explores included didn’t appear to be prepared to authorize oral sex as a demonstration done exclusively for entertainment only.

In people, delight – not need – is connected with the female climax. Since it’s not needed for creature proliferation possibly, we can make a valid suspicion that it’s pleasure-driven for them too.

Japanese Macaques

A recent report dissected more than 200 diverse sexual collaborations between Japanese macaques, 33% of which appeared to incorporate a female climax.

Utilizing visual signs – an augmenting of the eyes and vaginal muscle fits – analysts concluded that the obvious rapture the female experienced was obvious sign of incitement.

A monkey climax.

Shockingly, there are a few guys in the animals of the world collectively who don’t have to have a climax to recreate. The red-pilled bison weaver is a flying creature found in Namibia with a bogus phallus, which means his penis contains no veins and doesn’t convey sperm. It has no capacity with regards to propagation.

Analysts considered the weavers in their normal living space and saw what must be portrayed as a male climax for delight, instead of need.

At last, the subject of masturbation comes into thought. For people in any event, it is a pleasurable demonstration with no regenerative advantages. Sensible reasoning would say the equivalent for the animals of the world collectively.


Dolphins are famously marked as unusual and regularly refered to with respect to jerking off creatures. A few examinations demonstrate this.

One did in 2012 about some Indo-Pacific bottlenoses noticed that, in a video recording they took of a jerking off male, he made no obvious mating sounds. During romance, they as a rule making popping commotions at the females.

The male dolphin just did his thing, with no consideration looking for show, proposing that he was making an effort not to court any close by female dolphins. He was simply having a bit of personal time.

In each occurrence, scientists underline the way that we don’t have the foggiest idea why creatures carry on along these lines