Survey for nerds – nerdity take a look at


Good day, and welcome to the nerdity take a look at. This take a look at is designed that will help you decide your nerdity quotient. Up to now, somebody could have watched you, or listened to one thing you stated after which exclaimed, “You geek! What do you suppose you might be doing?” Or perhaps it is simply us. In any occasion, we right here on the nerdity testing lab have been prompted to ask “simply what’s a nerd?” In response, we got here up with this take a look at. By taking it, you’ll decide your present nerdity quotient (from 0% to 100%), with 100% roughly equivalent to a pile of sludge unable to speak with something human besides via a tool that could be a miracle of modern medicine and engineering, and whose solely connection to the skin world is thru the pc web system.

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As this take a look at is being distributed primarily in locations of excessive concentrations of recognized nerds, and nerds in flip are likely to have nerd buddies, that somebody who has by no means heard of or seen the nerdity take a look at is assumed to be 0% nerd. Nonetheless, as soon as such information involves them, they’re instantly positioned within the 100% nerdity class. That is executed as a result of it’s also assumed that solely a real geek would utter one thing to the impact of: “Nerdity take a look at?!? What a silly idea! I am too cool to take one thing as dumb as that.” The values in between are decided by taking the take a look at and scoring it as follows.

For every query under for which you’ll reply “sure” or “true”, take one level. On the finish of the take a look at, divide the overall variety of factors you scored by the overall variety of questions within the take a look at. Deal with this quantity as a share that represents your nerdity quotient.

A number of the questions could have parentheticals on the finish of them. What’s contained throughout the parentheticals is a brief checklist of examples referring to the given query. The checklist is to not be taken as all inclusive however merely as ideas which may apply.

Test for nerdsnerds
True nerdity take a look at


All technicalities rely – in any case, being technical is half of what being a nerd is all about.


It’s felt that for max enjoyment, it’s best to reply out loud along with your solutions. You must deal with every “sure” that you just say as a private catharsis of what you might be doing improper (or proper relying in your opinion of nerdity) and every “no” could then be disputed by your friends. On this approach, errors on account of mendacity or private oversight are averted and the take a look at additionally has a therapeutic impact for the closet nerd. As an apart, data gleaned about others must be handled confidentially. Every of us has a dork-side that we do not need others to learn about.

Experiment exhibits that nerdity CAN be cured! With effort and private sacrifice… The nerdity quotient is a cross between proclivity towards in addition to precise present standing in nerddom. Some questions are “have you ever ever…” whereas others are “do you now…”. The previous register the truth that you will be predisposed towards nerdity, whereas the later acknowledge the truth that you might be at the moment geeking. Clearly, as your solutions towards the “do you now” sort questions change, so will your nerd quotient.

Please use solely a quantity two pencil. Mark all solutions in your blue e-book. Shake properly earlier than utilizing. Lather. Rinse. Repeat as desired. Present all work. Refrigerate after opening. No partial credit score can be given. A desk of helpful formulation is included on the finish. You might start…. NOW!

SECTION 1: Training and Education

1. Have you ever ever taken a “larger” math course? (Trig, Calculus)

2. …on the school degree?

3. …and acquired an A (3.7 grade level)?

4. Are you continue to able to doing what you realized in the middle of #1?

5. Have you ever ever taken a science course? (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)

6. …on the school degree?

7. …and acquired an A (3.7 grade level)?

8. Are you continue to able to doing what you realized in the middle of #5?

9. Have you ever ever majored within the “exhausting sciences”? (engineering, physics chemistry, and so on. however excluding psychology, economics, and so on.)

10. Have you ever ever taken Latin?

11. Have you ever ever requested a query in lecture?

12. Have you ever ever answered a query requested in lecture?

13. Have you ever ever corrected a professor in lecture?

14. Have you ever ever answered a rhetorical query?

15. Have you ever ever given a lecture?

16. Do you sit within the entrance row greater than 20% of the time?

17. Have you ever ever had a “excellent attendance report”?

18. Have you ever ever verified an equation in a science textual content by yourself? (i.e. experimental proof)

19. Have you ever ever derived an equation you present in a science textual content?

20. …when you did not have to?

21. …utilizing different rules? (ranging from a distinct equation than the textual content did)

22. Do you are taking notes in multiple colour?

23. Do you employ different props when taking notes? (ruler, compass, protractor)

24. Have you ever ever tutored another person?

25. Have you ever ever executed homework on a Friday evening?

26. Have you ever ever pulled an all-nighter?

27. Have you ever taken any lessons move/fail simply to protect your GPA?

28. Have you ever ever recognized extra concerning the topic materials than the lecturer?

29. …however continued within the class since you “wanted the grade?”

30. …and had the lecturer admit this reality to you?

31. Have you ever ever had an argument with a professor?

32. Did you win?

33. Has a lecturer ever referred somebody to you as being extra educated?

34. Did you apply to any school merely for the sake of “seeing if I might get in”?

35. Was your SAT math greater than 300 above your verbal?

36. Did you rating larger than 1200 mixed on the SAT?

SECTION 2: Information

37. Are you able to rely in binary? (as much as decimal 10)

38. Are you able to rely in hexadecimal? (as much as decimal 20)

39. Are you able to rely in Roman numerals?

40. Are you aware Maxwell’s equations? (integral or differential type)

41. Are you aware Schroedinger’s Equation?

42. Have you ever ever solved Schroedinger’s Equation?

43. …for enjoyable?

44. Are you aware the distinction between a scalar and a vector?

45. Are you aware the distinction between a vector and a tensor?

46. Are you aware the right-hand-rule for cross-products?

47. Are you aware the Latin title (genus and species) for something? (fruit fly, human being)

48. Are you able to perceive the proprietor’s guide for digital tools?

49. Are you able to perceive the digital schematic for digital tools?

50. Are you aware what a “reverse polish notation” calculator is?

51. Are you able to title the primary 9 components of the periodic desk so as?

52. Are you able to translate greater than half the chemical symbols into the title of the aspect they signify?

53. Are you aware the wavelengths within the seen spectrum?

54. Are you bilingual?

55. …and never an immigrant or little one of an immigrant?

56. Are you able to briefly define the organic course of that happen on account of alcohol when it’s consumed by a human?

57. …whereas drunk?

58. Are you aware how your automotive’s engine works?

59. Have you ever ever interpolated?

60. Have you ever ever extrapolated?

61. Are you aware the distinction between interpolation and extrapolation?

62. Have you ever ever built-in numerically?

63. …and recognized the outcome forward of time?

64. …and complained about how sluggish the pc was?

65. Have you ever ever seen or utilized the spherical harmonic features?

66. …and located them aesthetically pleasing?

67. Are you aware a lot of the phrases to “The Lumberjack Track” by Monty Python?

68. Do you personal an encyclopedia?

69. Have you ever ever learn an encyclopedia entry that you just weren’t researching?

70. Have you ever ever wished to know one thing for no obvious purpose?

71. Have you ever ever been laughed at for desirous to know one thing?

72. Are you able to program the time on a VCR?

73. Has anybody ever requested you to program their VCR time for them?

74. Have you ever ever used the phrase “asymptotic”?

75. Have you ever ever referred to one thing as an L.E.D.?

76. Have you ever ever referred to a ruler as a “straight-edge”?

77. Have you ever ever stated “quartz crystal”?

78. Have you ever ever referred to as one thing a “print out” or “exhausting copy”?

79. Have you ever ever referred to a curve/object as hyperbolic, parabolic, and so on.?

80. Do you’re feeling your vocabulary is bigger than most individuals’s?

81. Is your IQ higher than your weight?

Reply YES if you recognize what the next acronyms stand for. Be aware: it might be helpful to truly state out loud what you suppose the acronym stands for as your interpretation could also be improper or not the nerdy one being wanted.

82. …RADAR?

83. …MODEM?

84. …RAM?

85. …DNA?

86. …ATP?

87. …NADP?

88. …CRT?

89. …CRC?

90. …STP?

91. …NORAD?

92. …NASA?

93. …MUD?

94. …LED?

95. …AI?

96. …LASER?

97. …RPG?

98. …TLA?

99. …SCUBA?

100. …WYSIWYG?

101. …DAT?

102. …PINE?

103. …JOVE?

104. Did you not know one of many above, however took a wild guess at in anyway?

105. Have you ever ever created an acronym with a view to simplify your writing?

The following few questions cope with bodily constants. Mark sure for any that you may give the worth (2 or extra vital digits) for. Information of the models connected is NOT obligatory, simply the numeric portion.

106. gravitational fixed? (G)

107. earth’s gravity close to the floor? (g)

108. mass of an electron?

109. cost of an electron?

110. velocity of sunshine in vacuum?

111. velocity of sound at STP?

112. Planck’s fixed? (h or h-bar)

113. permittivity of free house? (epsilon naught)

114. permeability of free house? (mu naught)

115. Avogadro’s quantity?

116. molar fuel fixed?

117. pi? (exception: should know greater than 3 digits)

118. Mark this true in case you are presently the individual understanding essentially the most digits of pi within the room.

119. e? (exception: should know greater than 3 digits)

Are you able to give the conversion issue between… (2 or extra sig. digits)

120. …centimeters and inches?

121. …kilometers and miles?

122. …joules and electron-volts?

123. …atomic mass models and kilograms?

124. …Celsius and Kelvin?

125. …Celsius and Fahrenheit?

126. …meters and Astronomical Models (AU)?

127. …AU and light-weight years?

128. …gentle years and parsecs?

129. If, whereas answering any query on this part, you stated another person’s reply was improper and have been proper, mark this query true. (e.g. “you nob! Pi is not 3.1425. It is 3.1415!”)

130. If whereas answering any query on this part, you checked a reference e-book to search out out the right reply, mark this query true. (e.g. “AARRGGH! What’s that final R in radar stand for?”)

SECTION 3: Computer systems

131. Have you ever used a computer?

132. …for greater than 4 hours constantly?

133. …for greater than 8 hours constantly?

134. …previous 4 a.m.?

135. …as a supply of earnings?

136. …on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the identical weekend?

137. …with somebody you have been bodily attracted towards?

138. …for cash?

139. …within the final 24 hours?

140. …within the final half hour?

141. …as a supply of leisure? (pc sport)

142. …within the final three months?

143. …within the final three weeks?

144. Have you ever ever programmed a pc?

145. …to write down a pc sport?

146. …to write down a pc virus?

147. …to write down a shell script?

148. Do you continue to personal any pc with lower than 512k of RAM? (e.g. Commodore 64, Apple II +/e/c, TRS 80, advert infinitum)

149. …that’s nonetheless in working situation?

150. …and nonetheless purchase software program for it?

151. Do you personal multiple pc with at the very least a megabyte of RAM?

152. Do you personal any pc which might be categorized as a piece station?

153. Have you ever ever taken your pc on trip with you?

154. Have you ever ever misplaced sleep over a pc sport?

Have you ever ever used a …

155. mouse?

156. exhausting disk drive?

157. light-pen?

158. pc with a contact delicate monitor?

159. track-ball?

160. …for one thing aside from a online game?

161. Devorak keyboard? (versus QWERTY)

162. modem?

163. Have you ever ever seen a magnetic tape reel?

164. Have you ever ever mounted a magnetic tape reel?

165. Have you ever ever seen a pc punch card?

166. Have you ever ever programmed utilizing punch playing cards?

167. Are you continue to able to programming with punch playing cards?

168. Do you’ve any “pirated” software program? (i.e. second-hand copywritten)

169. Do you’ve any “public-domain” software program?

170. Do you’ve any “shareware”? (i.e. software program creator requests a payment be despatched to them for its use)

171. Do you at the moment personal a modem able to 14.4kbs or quicker?

172. Do you continue to personal any modem whose prime velocity is 300 baud or much less?

173. Have you ever ever telnet’ed from one pc system to a different?

174. …to realize entry to a system you had no authorization on?

175. …to name a authorities pc? (NASA, FBI, NORAD, and so on.)

176. …to name a analysis establishment? (CERN, JPL, and so on.)

177. …the place the opposite machine was outdoors of your native nation?

178. Do you’ve an electronic message handle?

179. …multiple e-mail handle?

180. Have you ever ever despatched e-mail?

181. …to your self?

182. …to somebody who was in the identical room as you on the time?

183. …with a .sig file appended to the top of it?

184. …within the final week?

185. Have you ever ever arrange and run a mailing checklist for e-mail?

186. Do you obtain extra e-mail than you ship?

187. Have you ever ever FTP’d?

188. …anonymously?

189. Have you ever ever uploaded?

190. Have you ever ever downloaded?

191. Have you ever ever multi-tasked? (ran 2+ purposes concurrently)

192. Have you ever ever arrange a kill file?

193. …that does greater than merely ‘kill’?

194. Do you’ve a .plan or related file for when folks finger you?

195. Have you ever arrange a or related file for auto-execution on logging unto a pc system? (autoexec.bat,…)

196. Do you employ alias/batch instructions to standardize your OS? (e.g. alias dir ls)

197. Have you ever ever learn the postings on USENET?

198. …within the final week?

199. Have you ever posted to USENET?

200. …and gotten a response?

201. …from somebody you knew outdoors of the online?

202. …and gotten a “flame”?

Have you ever ever posted to…

203. …a science fiction information group? (rec.arts.sf)

204. …a intercourse information group? (alt.intercourse)

205. …speak.weird?

206. …rec.humor?

207. …a sci. or science-related information group?

208. Have you ever ever written a FAQ for a USENET information group?

209. Have you ever ever run a vote for a USENET information group?

210. Have you ever ever moderated a USENET information group?

211. Have you ever performed any MUD’s, MUSH’s or different multi-user video games?

212. …within the final week?

213. …as we speak?

214. Do you persistently play multiple MUD, MUSH, and so on.?

215. Are you a “wizard/implementor/immortal” on any MUD’s, MUSH’s, and so on.?

216. Do you’ve GIF information as wallpaper?

217. Is a part of your desk house dedicated to your pc?

218. Have you ever ever constructed a pc?

219. …from chips?

220. Do you’ve a favourite pc language?

221. …that you’ve got needed to defend in verbal debate?

Which of the next pc languages have you learnt…

222. …BASIC?

223. …PASCAL?

224. …FORTRAN?

225. …meeting language?

226. …C?

227. Have you ever ever forgotten an individual’s title however not their e-mail handle?

228. Are you aware extra pc addresses than road addresses?

229. Do you have a tendency to recollect the IP numbers as a substitute of the alpha handle for pc websites? ( vs.

230. Do you discover that you just sort extra usually than you write longhand?

231. Have you ever ever forgotten how one can write longhand?

232. Have you ever ever used pc symbology elsewhere? (goto, *, and so on.)

233. Have you ever ever spoken internet-ese? (btw, imho, :), brb, afk)

234. Have you ever ever blown off doing one thing you have been alleged to do with a view to work on the pc?

235. Have you ever ever felt jealous of somebody merely as a result of they owned a greater pc system than you?

SECTION 4: Possessions

236. Do you regularly end up with extra plugs than shops?

237. Do you at the moment personal a can of WD-40?

238. Do you at the moment personal a can of compressed air?

239. Do you’ve a private copy of any model of the nerdity take a look at?

240. …in house allotted to you on a pc system?

241. Have you ever ever owned a lightweight saber (Star Wars)?

242. …that wasn’t manufactured from plastic?

243. Do you personal an 8-track tape participant or any 8-track tapes?

244. Do you personal an almanac? (World, Farmer’s)

245. Do you personal an atlas?

246. Do you personal a globe?

247. …and have it on show? (on a desk, bookshelf…)

248. …that has bumps equivalent to mountain ranges?

249. …that lights up?

250. Do you personal any “maps of the traditional world”?

251. …and have them on show?

252. Do you’ve any “mathematical” art work? (Escher, fractals)

253. Have you ever ever faxed one thing?

254. Have you ever ever acquired a fax?

255. Do you personal a cellphone? (automotive telephone)

256. Do you personal a non-standard calculator? (scientific, programmable)

257. Do you personal a “reverse polish notation” calculator?

258. Do you personal a slide rule?

259. …and know how one can use it?

260. Apart from a thermometer, do you personal any meteorological tools?

261. Do you personal any orienteering tools? (compass, sextant, and so on.)

262. Do you personal a pencil case?

263. Do you personal any mechanical pencil?

264. …and have refills for it?

265. Do you personal an electrical pencil sharpener?

266. Do you personal a laboratory pocket book?

267. Do you personal any graph paper? (quad-ruled)

268. Do you personal any log or semi-log paper?

269. Do you personal a desk of integrals?

270. Have you ever ever stolen scientific (radiation, biohazard) warnings for private use?

SECTION 5: Leisure Time

271. Have you ever ever taken one thing aside?

272. …and put it again collectively accurately?

273. …with out worrying about voiding the guarantee?

274. Do buddies and/or household ask you to make things better?

275. Do buddies and/or household ask to borrow your instruments?

276. …as a result of you’re the solely individual they know who OWNS that device?

277. Have you ever ever put one thing collectively irrespective of the meeting directions?

278. Have you ever ever purchased one thing primarily for the pleasure of taking it aside to “see the way it works”?

279. Have you ever ever rewired one thing?

280. Have you ever ever performed a non-sexual role-playing sport? (D&D)

281. …since leaving highschool?

282. Have you ever ever been to a RPG conference? (GenCON, and so on.)

283. …within the final six months?

284. Have you ever ever taken a “self assist” take a look at?

285. Do you derive perverse pleasure from self-help checks?

286. Do you ever lord your scores on such checks over folks round you?

287. Have you ever ever dissected one thing?

288. …whereas not concerned in a biology class?

289. Do you play chess?

290. Had been you ever on a chess workforce?

291. …on a math workforce?

292. …on a debate workforce?

293. …on a “trivia” workforce? (school bowl, JEOPARDY)

294. …the captain for any of the groups listed above?

295. …the coach for any of the groups listed above?

296. Did you ever be a part of one of many above groups for the aim of choosing up members of the alternative intercourse?

297. Had been you ever in a science honest?

298. …that you just positioned within the prime three?

299. Are you a member of Mensa?

300. Have you ever ever made a technical joke?

301. …within the final week?

302. …that nobody round you understood?

303. …and also you discovered your self making an attempt to clarify it?

304. …that everybody round you understood?

305. …however their purpose for laughing was not yours?

SECTION 6: Leisure Time – Nerd Toys

306. Have you ever ever purchased one thing from Radio Shack?

307. Are you aware what an oscilloscope does?

308. Have you ever ever used an oscilloscope?

309. Do you personal an oscilloscope?

310. Have you ever ever used a microscope?

311. Do you personal a microscope?

312. Have you ever ever used a telescope?

313. …not for peering via somebody’s bed room window?

314. Do you personal a voltmeter?

315. Do you personal any distant managed automobiles?

316. Do you personal a CB radio?

317. Have you ever ever had an beginner radio license?

318. Do you continue to have an beginner radio license?

319. Have you ever ever had an extra-class beginner radio license?

320. Have you ever ever used a chemistry set?

321. …for the reason that age of 13?

322. Have you ever ever used a uncommon earth aspect?

323. Do you personal a slinky?

324. Does a slinky make you concentrate on oscillations?

325. Do you personal a Rubik’s dice?

326. Can you remedy Rubik’s Dice?

327. …with out utilizing the e-book?

328. …in lower than two minutes?

329. Have you ever ever tried to calculate the variety of potential permutations a Rubik’s Dice can have?

SECTION 7: Leisure Time – TV and Motion pictures

330. Do you watch greater than 4 hours of TV on any given day of the week?

331. Are you able to title greater than 5 exhibits on PBS? (inc.:A&E, Discovery Channel)

332. Have you ever ever watched a PBS documentary?

333. …voluntarily?

334. …within the final three weeks?

335. Have you ever ever watched C-Span for greater than 5 minutes?

Have you ever ever watched an entire episode of…

336. …Dr. Who?

337. …Battlestar Galactica?

338. …Area: 1999?

339. …Starblazers? (cartoon concerning the WWII provider flying via house)

Are you able to whistle, hum, sing or snap the theme songs to…

340. …Gilligan’s Island?

341. …Flintstones?

342. …The Brady Bunch?

343. …The Jetson’s?

344. …The Addam’s Household?

344. …Dobbie Gillis?

346. …I Dream of Genie?

347. Have you ever ever seen any of the “Revenge of The Nerd” motion pictures greater than as soon as?

348. Have you ever seen all the Star Wars motion pictures?

349. …in a single 24 hour interval?

350. Have you ever ever watched one thing and acknowledged “that is bodily unattainable” (on account of Newton’s legal guidelines, and so on.)?

SECTION 8: Leisure Time – Books and Magazines

Have you ever ever learn something by…

351. …Douglas Adams?

352. …Isaac Asimov?

353. …Arthur C. Clarke?

354. …Robert H. Heinlein?

355. …Piers Anthony?

356. …J.R.R. Tolkein?

357. …TSR Hobbies? (i.e. a novel printed by the D&D folks)

358. …Richard Feynman? (e.g. his lectures, and so on.)

359. …Stephen Hawkings?

360. …Carl Sagan?

361. Have you ever ever learn -Cultural-Literacy- or some other e-book on “what you, as an clever individual, ought to know”?

362. Have you ever ever learn -Innumeracy- or some other e-book about arithmetic made widespread?

363. Do you learn books every day?

364. Have you ever completed a e-book within the final week?

365. Have you ever completed multiple e-book within the final week?

366. Have you ever ever purchased a e-book of crossword puzzles/logic issues?

367. Do you learn archaic pc manuals for pleasure?

Do you’ve journal subscriptions to…

368. …Standard Mechanics?

369. …Standard Science?

370. …Omni?

371. …Scientific America?

372. …any pc oriented journal? (MacWorld, PCWorld, and so on.)

373. …Pc Gaming World or different “online game” journal?

374. …Uncover?

375. …any medical journals? (New England Journal of Drugs)

376. …any science periodicals?

377. …Nationwide Geographic?

378. …any comedian e-book or “graphic novel”? (X-Males, Superman, Heavy Steel)

SECTION 9: Star Trek

379. Are you able to title or focus on the plots of greater than 10 Star Trek episodes?

380. Have you ever seen all the Star Trek movies?

381. …in a single 48 hour interval?

382. Do you discuss with the assorted “Treks” as “TOS” (The Authentic Sequence), “TNG” (The Subsequent Technology) and “DS9” (Deep Area 9) or related?

383. Have you ever ever argued with somebody over which “Trek” is best?

384. Have you ever ever argued over who was a greater commander of the Enterprise?

385. Have you ever ever felt the urge to study the Klingon language?

386. Have you ever ever been to a trek conference?

387. …within the final six months?

388. Have you ever ever owned a pair of Spock ears (Star Trek)?

389. …and worn them in public?

SECTION 10: Clothes and Attire

390. Are your socks unmatched?

391. Do you personal a digital watch?

392. …that performs music?

393. …that is at the moment set to chime on the hour?

394. …that has a calculator in-built?

395. Do you personal a pocket protector?

396. …and are you carrying it?

397. Do you’ve pimples?

398. Do you’ve greasy hair?

399. …with out realizing it?

400. Do you personal any clothes with scientific information printed on it? (e.g. t-shirts with Maxwell’s equations)

401. …which you continue to put on on occasion?

402. Have you ever ever worn a radiation movie badge?

403. …whereas not within the laboratory?

404. …and described what it was to somebody, who then backed away in concern?

405. Are your pants too brief?

406. Does your underwear have your title in it?

407. Is your outfit uncoordinated? (have another person consider this)

408. Have you ever ever worn a button-down shirt and left the tails hanging out?

409. Have you ever ever purchased related trying shirts/pants with a view to save time when dressing as a result of “every thing goes collectively”?

410. Do you put on glasses?

411. …held collectively by adhesives? (tape, glue, boogers)

412. Is your imaginative and prescient worse than 20/40? (in both eye)

413. Is your imaginative and prescient worse than 20/80? (in both eye)

414. Do your glasses weigh multiple pound?

SECTION 11: Character and Life-style

415. Have you ever ever slept an inverted day? (sleep at daybreak, wake at nightfall)

416. …for greater than someday in a row?

417. Have you ever ever slept around the clock? (24 steady hours in mattress)

Which of the next have you ever used to stop sleep?

418. …Caffeine?

419. …train?

420. …Vivarin?

421. …NoDoz?

422. …one thing you made in chem. lab?

423. …one thing you present in chem. lab?

424. Have you ever labored for an engineering or manufacturing agency?

425. …within the final 3 months?

426. …and gotten credit score at a college for doing so?

427. Have you ever labored in a analysis lab?

428. …and been extra within the work than the pay?

429. Have you ever ever visited an influence plant? (Hoover Dam, nuclear plant, and so on.)

430. …and never been bored?

431. Are you socially inept?

432. Was the final bare individual you noticed a hi-res pc scan?

433. Do you speak to your self?

434. …when different persons are round?

435. Do you speak to imaginary folks?

436. …do they speak again?

437. …do they appear to be extra/much less clever than you?

438. Do you’ve a tricky time remembering folks’s names?

439. …however no hassle with their numeric information? (telephone#, SS#)

440. Have you ever ever performed mathematical video games with different numbers you see to move the time? (sq./dice root, prime elements of telephone#)

441. Do you see on a regular basis conditions as representing mathematical ideas?

442. Do you have a look at quantitative elements when taking part in social occasions? (ex: selecting drinks by % alcohol somewhat than style)

443. Mark this true when you did NOT go to your senior promenade.

444. Did you go stag to your Senior Promenade?

445. Have you ever ever discovered a grammatical error in a printed e-book?

446. Have you ever ever quoted a chunk of literature from reminiscence? (poem, quote)

447. Have you ever ever eaten pizza chilly?

448. …do you prefer it that approach?

449. …since you’re too lazy to reheat it?

450. Have you ever ever gotten pizza delivered to the lab/workplace/science constructing?

451. Is any leftover supply meals at the moment residing in your fridge?

452. …that is been there so lengthy, you possibly can’t bear in mind ordering it?

453. …that is been there so lengthy, it is change into cell/sentient?

454. Is any meals in your fridge moldy?

455. Have you ever ever commented on the dearth of mental potential present in a “JEOPARDY” contestant?

456. Have you ever ever contemplated the that means of life/existence of God?

457. …whereas not drunk?

458. …whereas alone?

459. Have you ever ever considered further dimensions/parallel universes?

460. …and mentioned their prospects with others?

461. Have you ever come to any conclusions about UFO’s/life on different planets?

462. …and used Time-Life’s “Mysteries of the Unknown” sequence as a factual reference to help your declare?

463. Have you ever ever commented: “If I drive quick sufficient on the crimson gentle, it will seem inexperienced.”

464. Have you ever ever discovered your self discussing one of many widespread scientific theories of the day with somebody you simply met? (chilly fusion)

465. …did they create it up as a result of they thought you incapable of speaking about non-technical subjects?

466. Have you ever ever taken half in an experiment to show/disprove one of many widespread scientific theories of the day? (chilly fusion, massive bang)

467. Have you ever ever considered reviving the lifeless? (Frankenstein)

468. …for sexual functions?

469. …and had a point of success?

470. …however been laughed at by a number one medical establishment?

471. Have you ever ever given an inanimate object a reputation? (inc.: stuffed animal)

472. Was the item one thing digital or mechanical?

473. Did the item even have a “character”?

474. Have you ever ever in contrast and contrasted two scientists? (Einstein vs. Newton, and so on.)

475. Have you ever ever argued with another person over which of two scientists was higher?

476. Have you ever ever argued with somebody over which of two pc sorts/OS’s is best? (Macintosh vs. IBM, UNIX vs. VMS)

477. Have you ever ever laughed out loud at a joke written in a critical scientific paper? (Feynman’s lectures, textbook)

478. Has anybody ever referred to as you a geek/nerd?

479. …within the final two weeks?

480. …for doing/saying one thing you knew to be geeky?

481. Have you ever ever deliberately executed one thing that you just take into account geeky?

482. …within the final month?

483. …as we speak?

SECTION 12: The Nerd Take a look at

484. Are you taking this take a look at alone?

485. Are you at the moment studying this take a look at on a pc display?

486. Are you planning to double-check your solutions to this take a look at?

487. Do you’re feeling the necessity (or are you at the moment utilizing) a calculator to attain the take a look at?

488. Are you computing your rating in scientific notation?

489. Have you ever contemplated writing a pc program that may ask and/or tabulate questions discovered on this take a look at?

490. Are you at the moment scoring this take a look at in reverse? (i.e. Assuming 100% nerd and deducting for every ‘no’?)

491. Have you ever come throughout copies of this take a look at from two separate sources?

492. In case you are nonetheless studying this take a look at, do you really want a take a look at rating to show you’re a nerd?

493. Is your nerdity take a look at rating larger than your purity take a look at rating?

494. Did you’re feeling offended by any of the questions on this take a look at?

495. Did you resort to mendacity with a view to elevate your rating?

496. Did you resort to mendacity with a view to decrease your rating?

497. Are you at the moment competing with another person for the best rating on this take a look at (or have been considering it)?

498. …did you come up second finest and problem them to a rematch?

499. Have you ever requested for a technical clarification of something on this take a look at?

500. Have you ever ever considered a query that belongs on this take a look at?

Please put your pencils down. That is it! Hope you loved it!

To research your Nerdity Quotient, divide your complete variety of “sure/true” responses by the overall variety of questions and examine to this checklist.


0 – 20 Nerd-wannabe

21 – 30 Nerd-in-Coaching

31 – 35 Closet nerd

36 – 40 You dress like people in Walmart adverts

41 – 45 You refuse to reside wherever with out pizza supply service

46 – 50 Your social life wants some critical assist

51 – 55 YOU want some critical assist

56 – 60 You might be on first title foundation with Radio Shack staff

61 – 65 Your finest good friend is a microchip

66 – 70 Invoice Gates and E. Gary Gygax are your heroes

71 – 75 You personal extra surge protectors than cooking utensils

76 – 80 “Revenge of the Nerds” poster-child

81 – 85 Hoping to invent Warp Subject Principle or transporter know-how

86 – 90 Desperately searching for cybernetic interface implanted in your mind

91 – 99 Transfer over, Einstein

100 Hail, O Nerd Grasp, virgin sliderulers I sacrifice unto you

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