Stupid things movies have led us to believe

Interesting things movies, but even cartoons and video games have made us believe.


That the US Marines are the only fighting force that fights to defend America or fights for America and that they are the greatest fighting force on the planet and that the other military branches don’t and can’t match the training they receive.

That a spaceship is turning like a jet fighter, with engines firing backwards rather than outwards.

That all computer systems have back doors with 3D interface embedded, so all the hacker needs to do to break into, say, a CIA database is to navigate a maze of green-glowing pipes.

That every one is gorgeous and sexy, and if you’re not gorgeous and sexy then you are either the bad guy or funny.

That money transfer involves a progress bar showing progress in dollars, so interrupting a transfer of $10,000,000 half-way will result in $5,000,000 being transferred.

In movies guns can “go off” by accident if dropped or bumped. While it is theoretically possible for this to happen, in real life the chances are somewhere between “slim” and “none”.

The villain’s aim is extremely poor. No matter how many gunshots he fires, none of them will ever hurt the hero.

That a man can maintain a chiseled physique without ever exercising, without gym membership, weights or exercise equipment at home etc.

People who have been shot or attacked will die only after they have comfortably said all the important stuff that they have in their mind.

That a man can receive massive bare-knuckles punches in the face without loosing teeth or having his jaw broken, as long as he is a good guy.

No one ever says, “Goodbye,” when ending a phone call. They just hang up.

That via a spy satellite you can read the facial expression of a person, read number-plates etc.

That all bombs come equipped with a red LED that counts down to 0 seconds, and two wires – red and blue – only one of which can be cut.

Being shot in the movies can blast someone right off their feet, or even across the room.

Another movie misconception is that you have enough time to throw a grenade back. Most grenades have a fuse of 3-5 seconds, 2-4 of those seconds are while it’s in flight. Picking up a grenade to throw it back will never happen.

Two Russians, when alone, will speak English in a Russian accent, instead of talking in Russian.

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