Strange things banned in North Korea


North Korea best Korea


1. Haircut – There are only 10 legal haircuts for men and 18 for women. Married women are not allowed to have long hair. No North Korean men are allowed to keep hair longer than 5 centimeters

2 . Wearing Jeans – It symbolises the west – North Korea’s greatest enemy ! Basically they have banned everything that’s related to western culture.

3. Accessing Internet – North Korean government has completely banned internet. Nobody except a few high officials are allowed to access internet. In fact North Korea has its own version of internet called Kwangmyong. comprises of roughly 1000 websites.

4. Private Ownership of Fax Machines is banned and even buying personal computers requires special permissions.

5. Porn is banned – No surprise.

6. Watching South Korean TV Channels -No Surprise Again!

7. Practicing Religion – Except worshiping the dear leader

8. Restriction on Alcohol – North Koreans can drink only on special holidays

9. Driving – Citizens are banned from moving anywhere freely in the country. There are fewer than 11 cars per 1000 people.

10. Playing western music is banned

11. International Calls – Calling a distant relative can get you killed!

12. Travelling Abroad – That’s the ultimate crime a North Korean would do!

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