Why do some straight men enjoy wearing women’s lingerie ?

First, it is important to remember the gender and sexuality are completely different so there is very little correlation between being “right” and enjoy the lingerie “women.

The reasons to enjoy lingerie are as varied as the people themselves. Many men I asked about this experience the comfort of non-traditional male underwear, they feel more relaxed and natural in it.


For some men, the structure and increased engineering found in women’s underwear (ie boneless corsets and belts) help their posture or figure, or just to feel supported. This can have a significant effect on men (and women!) Who suffer from anxiety and other problems that can be helped by the pressure of feeling on the body.

Sometimes it’s for sexual reasons, or the ability to feel sexier than they would in boxers. There is a range of lingerie made exclusively for male bodies there, but good quality stuff tends to be very expensive, buying cismen more likely in lingerie stores traditionally “women. Brands like Neon Moon actively embrace catering for all kinds who wishes to buy and wear their brands and have even worked with non-binary people and trans women in the countryside.

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Other stores are not as active in their inclusiveness but help people to find a good fit for their products although it may come with the risk of employees of judgment and wicked store.

The lingerie is beautiful, silky soft, beautifully feminine and irresistibly seductive. The lingerie is very comfortable to wear. In addition to these reasons, some straight men I find that wearing women’s lingerie very challenging and others may have a fetish for lingerie and act as fetish wearing lingerie by worship.

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Some men are uncertain about their sexuality and to wear women’s underwear to meet a particular need for personal understanding.Other men have a fetish underwear. They need a sense of underwear and the knowledge of their “misconduct” for sexual satisfaction. Yet others simply like the feeling and the adjustment of women’s underwear. It is often smoother and firmer, more support and sometimes more restrictive than those of men.

You might be surprised by the number of men who carry a secret belt; under their clothes at the office, or their uniforms in the army and police, and I know two surgeons who wear belts farms when performing long operations. In our hotels, we sometimes find a belt in the laundry or dropped beside the bed; I can tell they are worn by men, because they are often the only people left alone.

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The reasons for a man to wear a belt or another figure of support are important. If just overweight and flabby, and a belt shape him and make him feel more confident in his ordinary clothes. If he has a back problem, then another style belt will give him the support he may need – as with surgeons I spoke.

If it finds an erotic and exciting belt for any reason, the choice is very wide and it should go – to have fun and perhaps also his partner.