Stephen Hawking once hosted a party for time travelers

Stephen Hawking decided to answer the question once and for all in the only way one of the best known and respected of all time could with a party physicists.

The premise was simple: In 2009, the teacher decided to organize a lavish party complete with champagne and canapes. However, as this was more of a “welcome cocktail for future time travelers,” Hawking did not send invitations to him until after he had already taken place.

“Maybe, someday, someone in the future will find the invitation and use the worm machine long hole to get back to my party proves that time travel will be possible someday,” Hawking said in a clip that featured in their documentary miniseries Into The Universe.

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GDJ / Pixabay

“You are cordially invited to a reception for travelers time organized by Professor Stephen Hawking,” said the invitation. “That will take place in the past, at the University of Cambridge Gonville and Caius College, Trinity Street, Cambridge.”

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Of course, just give a simple direction is not enough information for any traveler in the potential time, so Hawking including the location of the party “in the exact coordinates in time and space.”

The meeting, which took place on June 28, 2009, also had the release of important responsibility RSVP not required to attend.

Unfortunately, after waiting patiently for their guests to arrive, it soon became apparent that no time travelers were coming. “What a pity,” Hawking said. “I was hoping for a future Miss Universe he was going to go through the door.”