State of Arkansas Residency Software

state of arkansas residency application

Arkansas Residency Software

Title: ________________ 
                                       (_) Billy-Bob
                                       (_) Billy-Joe
                                       (_) Billy-Ray
                                       (_) Billy-Sue
                                       (_) Billy-Mae
                                       (_) Billy-Jack
                                                          (Verify acceptable field)

 Age: ____
 Intercourse: ____ M _____ F _____ N/A
 Shoe Measurement ____ Left ____ Proper
Household Man simply got here again on his promise to drop “homosexual jokes”
 (_) Farmer
 (_) Mechanic
 (_) Hair Dresser
 (_) Un-employed

 Partner's Title: __________________________

 Relationship with partner:
 (_) Sister
 (_) Brother
 (_) Aunt
 (_) Uncle
 (_) Cousin
 (_) Mom
 (_) Father
 (_) Son
 (_) Daughter
 (_) Pet

 Variety of youngsters dwelling in family: ___
 Quantity which can be yours: ___

 Mom's Title: _______

 Father's Title: _______(If undecided, go away clean)

 Training: 1 2 3 4 (Circle highest grade

 Do you (_)personal or (_)hire your cell dwelling?

 ___ Whole variety of autos you personal
 ___ Variety of autos that also crank
 ___ Variety of autos in entrance yard
 ___ Variety of autos in again yard
 ___ Variety of autos on cement blocks

 Firearms you personal and the place you retain them:
 ____ truck
 ____ bed room
 ____ lavatory
 ____ kitchen
 ____ shed

 Mannequin and 12 months of your pickup: ______ 194_

 Do you will have a gun rack?
 (_) Sure (_) No; please clarify:

 Newspapers/magazines you subscribe to:
 (_) The Nationwide Enquirer
 (_) The Globe
 (_) TV Information
 (_) Cleaning soap Opera Digest
 (_) Rifle and Shotgun

 ___ Variety of occasions you have seen a UFO
 ___ Variety of occasions you have seen Elvis
 ___ Variety of occasions you have seen Elvis in a UFO

 How typically do you bathe:
 (_)Not Relevant

 Coloration of tooth:

 Model of chewing tobacco you favor:

 How far is your own home from a paved road?
 (_)1 mile
 (_)2 miles
 (_)do not know

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