Sport of Thrones – Greatest Insults

Tit for Tyrion’s Tat

Varys: “Cersei has supplied a lordship to the person who brings her your head.”
Tyrion: “She ought to supply her c—t. Greatest a part of her for the perfect a part of me.”
S5E2, “The Home of Black and White”

Uncurable Illness

Bronn: There isn’t any remedy for being a cunt.
S2E4, “Backyard of Bones”

The B Phrase

Ramsay: “I’ve been naturalized by a royal diploma.”
Sansa: “By Tommen Baratheon? One other bastard.”
S5E7, “The Reward”

Conqueror Burn

Jaime: Three victories don’t make you a conqueror.
Robb: It is higher than three defeats.
S2E1, “The North Remembers”


Cersei: If it weren’t for my kids, I’d have thrown myself from the very best tower within the Purple Hold. They’re the rationale I am alive.
Tyrion Lannister: Even Joffrey?

Again-Handed Praise

Tyrion: “It’s simple to confuse what’s with what must be, particularly when what’s has labored out in your favor.”

Hizdahr: “It’s an disagreeable query, however what good thing has ever been completed with out killing or cruelty?”

Tyrion: “My father would have preferred you.”
S5E9, “The Dance of Dragons”


Cersei (to Margaery Tyrell): If you happen to ever name me sister once more, I will have you ever strangled in your sleep.
S2E8, “Second Sons”

Elder Slam

Shireen Baratheon to Gilly on studying: “I taught Ser Davos and outdated individuals are horrible at studying new issues.”
S5E2, “The Home of Black and White”

Daenerys drops some wisdom about her grown-ass dragons: “They may eat you if I inform them to. They could eat you even when I don’t. Kids. Some say I ought to surrender on them. However an excellent mom by no means provides up on her kids. She disciplines them if she should. However she doesn’t surrender on them.”

A Grandfather’s Love

Walder Frey: My granddaughter, Waltha? Walra? Waldina.
Mary: I am Mary.
Walder Frey: High quality.
S3E9, “The Rains of Castamere”

Game of Thrones Winter is coming

Outdated Gs

Olenna: “It’s best to have the decency to face once you converse to a girl.”
Excessive Sparrow: “It’s best to have the decency to kneel earlier than the gods.”
Olenna: “Don’t spar with me, little fellow.”

Olenna: “Spare me the homilies, I can scent a fraud from a mile away.”
Excessive Sparrow: “Helpful expertise.”

Excessive Sparrow: “A lifetime of wealth and energy has left you blind in a single eye.”
S5E7, “The Reward”


Ser Jorah: Viserys couldn’t sweep a steady with ten thousand brooms.
A Sport of Thrones, Chapter 36 (Daenerys IV)

Whore’s Honor

Ser Rodrik: You’ve much less honor than a again alley whore.
S2E6, “The Outdated Gods and the New”


Jamie (to Brienne): Has anybody ever instructed you you are as boring as you’re ugly?
S2E8, “The Prince of Winterfell”

Fairly Colours

Sansa: Loras likes inexperienced and gold brocade.
Shae: I wager he does.
S3E6, “The Climb”


Arya: Sansa can have her stitching needles. I’ve a Needle of my very own.
S1E2, “The Kingsroad”

Do You Have a Banner?

Tyrion to Varys: “We’ve already obtained a ruler. In every single place’s already obtained a ruler. Each pile of shit on the facet of each road has somebody’s banner hanging from it.”
S5E2, “The Home of Black and White”

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