Spiritual Session Turned… Strange?

So, my day started out like any day in quarantine. I laid around watched YouTube and scrolled through tiktok. I’ve always been a spiritual person, believing in spirits, deities, and angels. That night, around 3-4 AM, I decided to try and contact my guardian angel or whoever was protecting me. I meditated and stayed in tune with my clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc. Nothing really happened and after that I just went back to scrolling through YouTube. Boy was I wrong. I was watching one of those quiet asmr videos of people building things when all of a sudden I started to hear noises around my house. Mind you, at this time I was laying in my pitch black living room ALONE and everyone was asleep. Sounds like things falling and someone walking around but I never saw anything. At this point, I was starting to believe I didn’t come through to a protector. This went on for an hour before a sound of singing rang in my ears. Nothing was playing and it wasn’t coming from my video. I look around and find a glowing white box on top of my shelf that wasn’t there before. Thing is, there’s NEVER anything at the very top of the shelf. It looked solid as if it were an actual box. I froze where I was laying even though I really wanted to get up and touch it. Right when I was able to shake off my fear and ready to stand, I saw a white pulsing orb from my peripheral vision. I had an urge to lay back down, which I did, and looked at the white oval shaped light and I ended up falling asleep to the sound of the singing. I’m still not sure what it was..

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