Soda water machines were very popular in the Soviet Union

Soft drink water machines were extremely well known in the Soviet Union for a considerable length of time. You could have plain soft drink water for one kopek or soft drink water with a decision of two syrups for three kopeks. Since those machines were pervasive and inexpensively valued, youthful and old were arranging to have a super cold carbonated beverage on a blistering summer day.

Presently take a gander at the dark circle. A red pioneer is going to drink from a faceted glass that was emblematically washed with cold water before the utilization, with everybody drinking from a similar glass.

Residents of USSR didn’t stress over germs or contaminations left on the glass from every one of those total outsiders who contacted and licked the glass before them. The glass wasn’t washed with lathery water or faded.

Abnormally, nobody had ever known about individuals getting tainted through imparting a glass to a huge number of outsiders.

Today, numerous Russian specialists are certain that there were numerous instances of disease, however it was not standard to discuss it. At any rate looseness of the bowels was certainly transmitted along these lines, yet all the information about such cases remained inside the dividers of clinical foundations and services.

Customary Soviet residents didn’t have the foggiest idea about the insights and kept on appreciating a carbonated beverage from a common glass.

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