1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figures

These Luke Skywalker action figures from 1978 are extremely rare because there are only 20 of them. If you have them in the packaging, put them in a safe place because they are very...

Never Skip Leg Day

This guy is jacked, no doubt. However, if you look at the proportionality of his body, you will notice he has a “disease” that trainers call “chicken leg syndrome.” Looking at this guy makes...

Gym Twins

As if it wasn’t confusing enough that these twins were already identical, hey also had to wear exactly the same gym clothes! What you might not realize is that the twins also have annoyingly...

Cutting It Close

The athleticism, the beauty, the grace- figure skaters have a way of leaving viewers speechless (and jealous) every single time. But when we see these ice gods trip or fall, it’s one of the...

Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing on Dallas

Television viewers in the late ‘70s and 1980s couldn’t get enough of Linda Gray. As Sue Ellen Ewing on CBS’ hit show Dallas she was absolutely mesmerizing, audiences couldn’t take their eyes off her…...

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