Skincare World in shambles: another popular sunscreen brand lied about their SPF

Part 1

Krave Beauty is a popular skin care brand created by beauty influencer Liah Yoo

Their Beet The Sun sunscreen was very popular and was advertised as having a SPF of 50+ (they did not have FDA approval and it was only sold as a serum in the US)

After the Purito Centella SPF fraud custumers were asking Krave for clinical proof of their SPF. They did test it. And it is not 50+ . And they are not saying what it really is.

Beet The Sun is now discontinued

Krave Beauty Statement

in the wake of this people also disovered that Liah Yoo is/was an active member of a homophobic church

Liah Yoo, founder of Krave Beauty, is a member of a homophobic church (C3.NYC). Here is a complete timeline of events/evidence as well as screenshots of her response.

she says she is sorry and does support the LGBTQ+

Liah Yoo, founder of Krave Beauty confirms her stance on gay marriage + leaving her homophobic church

Former employee is calling bullshit

Former Krave employee Beawuty speaks out and questions the timing and sincerity of Liah Yoo’s apology about attending a homophobic church.

second apology

Liah Yoo posts another statement about her affiliation with C3NYC

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