Singapore’s anti gambling ad camaign fail

The National Council on Problem Gambling released a series of ads during World Cup season to target heavy gamblers. It was released online, in print and there’s even a video on Youtube.
anti gabling ad

When the World Cup started, Germany was not the favorite. The faves were brazil, argentina and spain. In addition no european country has ever won in South America. So they probably thought germany was a safe bet. Pun intended.  Needless to say, when Germany won the World Cup, this put the agency in quite a bind. Here’s John Oliver doing a very funny segment on it his HBO show Last Week Tonight:

The problem with gambling is that people don’t gamble correctly.  You go in with a set amount of money (let’s say $200 just for the example’s sake).  If you lose that money, you’re done, you leave, you’ve lost $200, sadface for you, but at least you didn’t lose your entire life savings, your car, your house and your dog.  If you win money, and you get over your original $200, you stop betting that $200 and only bet with your winnings.  If you lose all your winnings, you leave, you’ve gained nothing but you lost nothing, if you win with your winnings, then you can choose whether to keep going or to stop and keep what you’ve won.  Gambling is not hard, you just have to not be an idiot.

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