Signs You Have A Bad HealthCare Service Provider

health red cross
health red cross

Healthcare Service Provider10) Has Dobermans chase stationary bikes in physical therapy.

9) Responds to every injury with “Aaargh, let’s cut it off!”

8) 2nd Opinion involves everyone else in the office going “Oooh, that ain’t right!”

7) Uses the phrase “I saw this recently on ER” as the basis for your treatment.

6) Urine sample goes into a Big Gulp Cup

5) Chases patients down the hall with the defibrialator yelling “Clear this, ya bastard!”

4) Has Peanut Butter and Petroleum Jelly Sandwiches in the lobby.

3) Asks for your phone number during your gynecological exam.

2) Shows up for surgery with a chainsaw and goggles.

1) Forgets to tell you about the side effects of your prescription and then refuses to shake your 3rd hand growing out of your forehead when you leave.