Shocking Fast Food Facts

Next time you pull up to the fast food drive through, you might want to keep these shocking facts in mind!

No Drive Thru

Fast Food Drive Thru

1. Shellac is used to increase the shine in jelly beans. It’s also a chemical used to shine hardwood floors.
2. The average fast food consumer consumes about 12 pubic hairs every year.
3. Each can of coke contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. That’s enough to make some people vomit.
4. Any cheese labeled as “processed” is packed with additives, chemicals, and artificial flavorings. In fact, up to 49% of processed cheese isn’t cheese at all.
5. Many fast food chicken items contain beef additives to enhance flavor.
6. A McDonald’s milkshake contains about 50 chemicals used to imitate the flavor of strawberries.
7. Studies have shown fast food chicken is composed primarily of fat, with some blood vessels and nerves present.
8. Chicken nuggets contain a type of pink paste which is washed in ammonia and combined with more chemicals, dyes, and flavoring.

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