SHC – “Lightning Discharge” Speculation Receives Assist

Plasma metaphysics’ “lightning discharge” speculation, proposed on this creator’s article Spontaneous Human Combustion and Electrical Discharges within the Delicate Physique revealed on April 16, 2007 on this web site, has obtained additional help from latest analysis.

Within the article, Jay Alfred proposed that spontaneous human combustion is brought on by electrical discharges, just like lightning discharges, throughout the physique. The article states, “A bolt of lightning is {an electrical} discharge inside this method. In line with plasma metaphysics, the identical phenomenon that happens in area and on Earth can happen inside our delicate our bodies… The energies of our delicate (excessive power) magma our bodies far exceed something the biomolecular physique can face up to. “

In December 2007 researchers on the College of Michigan found, to their shock, “electrical fields inside cells as robust as these produced in lightning bolts”. Nevertheless, “scientists are usually not clear as to what causes these robust fields or what they could imply.”

The Physique’s Unexplained Electromagnetic Discipline

The researchers, led by chemistry professor Raoul Kopelman, used voltage-sensitive dyes injected into polymer spheres simply 30 nanometers in diameter. When illuminated with blue gentle, the voltage-sensitive dyes throughout the nano-particles emitted a combination of purple and inexperienced gentle. For the reason that actual frequency of sunshine emitted is influenced by the energy of the native electrical subject, this gave the researchers a approach to measure the energy of the sphere. Utilizing these nano-particles, Kopelman discovered electrical fields as robust as 15 million volts per meter within the inside fluid of brain-cancer cells. That is 5 occasions stronger than the electrical subject present in a lightning bolt.

The existence of robust electrical fields throughout mobile membranes is accepted as a fundamental reality of cell biology. Sustaining gradients of charged molecules and ions permits for a lot of mobile capabilities, from management over cell quantity to {the electrical} discharges of nerve and muscle cells. Nevertheless, the truth that cells seem to have highly effective inside electrical fields has shocked scientists. Kopelman offered his outcomes on the forty seventh annual assembly of the American Society for Cell Biology in December 2007. “There was no skepticism as to the measurements,” says Kopelman, “however we do not have an interpretation.”

These background electrical fields within the physique present proof of a (counter-part) bioplasma physique that’s coupled with the physical-carbon primarily based physique. A bioplasma physique generates electromagnetic fields. In line with plasma metaphysics, bioplasma cells co-evolved with physical-carbon cells (see the creator’s article on Plasma Life Varieties – Darkish Panspermia, 2007). The truth that these electrical fields, found by Kopelman, can’t be accounted for by scientists utilizing the restricted mannequin of an remoted physical-carbon primarily based physique reveals that the bioplasma physique, which has been known as the (decrease) “physical-etheric” physique within the metaphysical literature and which varieties the idea for the examine of Chinese language acupuncture, could be studied and progressively verified solely as present expertise improves.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the primary time that mysterious background electrical fields have been seen. Robert Becker, Harold Burr and others have additionally documented a sample of voltage gradients over the physique that’s according to Chinese language acupuncture factors however is tough to clarify primarily based on present scientific theories. The Earth, too, has an unexplained background electromagnetic subject.

Earth’s Unexplained Electromagnetic Discipline

Blake Levitt, in his guide, Electromagnetic Fields, famous that the pure background voltage will increase with altitude. Between the bottom layers of the ionosphere and the Earth’s floor, there are about 360,000 volts; from the highest of the Empire State Constructing to the sidewalks at its base, there are roughly 40,000 volts; and between the pinnacle of a six-foot man and the sidewalk, roughly 200 volts. On the Earth’s floor, the voltage is roughly 100. This sounds alarming, nevertheless, hardly any shock potential exists as a result of there may be (apparently) no present; it seems to be simply background voltage and static DC fields. Scientists know little or no about this large reservoir of pure energy – the way it capabilities or what governs it.

It has already been famous within the creator’s article Acupuncture Meridians and the Terrestrial Spider Internet, 2007 that the Earth, too, has a delicate electromagnetic “physique” – an electromagnetic subject generated by the next power plasmasphere; a counter-part Earth which may also be recognized with Earth’s low density darkish matter halo – as described within the creator’s article Earth’s Darkish Matter Halo, 2007.

As an attention-grabbing incidental level, this vertical electromagnetic (vector) subject within the Earth’s environment will permit a charged bioplasma physique which turns into indifferent or decoupled from the physical-carbon physique (quickly throughout sleep or a near-death expertise and completely after the demise of the physical-carbon primarily based physique) to ascend into the environment by neutralizing or reversing its cost. The charged bioplasma physique would expertise the native electrical subject in a selected course. (As famous in Jay Alfred’s Our Invisible Our bodies, 2006, bioplasma our bodies can levitate and transfer by manipulating the physique’s electrical cost.) Some could level to the ascension of the resurrected physique of Jesus (of Nazareth) by way of the environment, as reported within the Christian New Testomony, or sure near-death experiences as offering anecdotal proof of such a phenomenon. Trevor James Constable claims of the existence of invisible plasma “sky creatures” which reside and transfer within the environment and could be photographed with infra-red movie.


The analysis carried out on the College of Michigan, as cited above, may have important implications for Chinese language acupuncture. In line with plasma metaphysics, each our delicate bioplasma our bodies and Earth’s darkish matter halo are composed of a (advanced) magnetic plasma of largely excessive power (non-standard) particles.

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