Seth Rogen and Conan O’Brien smoked a blunt on TV as a result of certain, why not

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Conan is lastly coming to an finish after a prolonged 11-year run, and what higher option to exit than for host Conan O’Brien to only get excessive in the course of the present?

Pondering what to do along with his upcoming free time, O’Brien turned to visitor Seth Rogen for concepts throughout Tuesday’s episode. The actor is popularly identified for starring in stoner comedies, and he lately launched a cannabis company in March, so his reply ought to have shocked no one.

“I’d recommend — that is going to be hilariously on-brand — attempt smoking a lotta weed for a very long time,” stated Rogen, shortly earlier than providing O’Brien a neatly rolled joint from his jacket pocket.

Clearly out of damns to offer, often “lucid” host Conan O’Brien lit up and loved the “wonderful herb” to the cheers and chants of the viewers, taking a drag earlier than passing the doobie to Rogen and Andy Richter.

“That is the type of factor you do when you realize it is over for you,” stated O’Brien. “‘Oh, what are they gonna do to me?'”

It does really feel a bit off watching white celebrities fortunately share a blunt on TV whereas throughout the U.S. thousands of people of colour remain incarcerated on marijuana fees. In accordance with a 2020 report by the American Civil Liberties Union, police proceed to arrest Black folks for marijuana possession at 3.64 times the rate of white people, regardless of utilization charges being related throughout each teams.

Nonetheless, leisure marijuana use is legal in California the place Conan is filmed, and it is good to see O’Brien loosen up and revel in a victory toke. 

The ultimate episode of Conan will air June 24 on TBS, after which the host is moving to a new show on HBO Max.

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