Selling Corpses On The Black Market

dead 1565276245
dead 1565276245

We all deal with the death of a loved one in our own way, depending on where we live and the traditions of the land. Death rituals vary across the world, though in China, a particular type of ritual is causing people to dig up corpses and sell them on the black market: ghost marriages.

Originally, the weddings were strictly for the dead – a ritual conducted by the living to wed two single deceased people – but in recent times some have involved one living person being married to a corpse.

In ghost marriages between two dead people, the “bride’s” family demands a bride price and there is even a dowry, which includes jewellery, servants and a mansion – but all in the form of paper tributes.

Factors like age and family background are as essential as they are in more traditional weddings, so families hire feng shui masters to work as a match-maker.

The wedding ceremony will typically involve the funeral plaque of the bride and the groom and a banquet. The most important part is digging up the bones of the bride and putting them inside the groom’s grave.

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In China, marrying someone who’s dead is a way to put their soul at peace, and some people have taken to robbing graves and selling them in the corpse black market. If you were wondering how much those corpses would fetch, we have the answer: somewhere around 100,000 yuan roughly $15,000, which sort of explains why someone would choose to do that.