Sealand – Strange Little Micronation

Sealand was established in the 1960s an Englishman and his family took possession of an abandoned anti-aircraft platform off the coast of Britain and declared it to be the Principality of Sealand. In the1970s a coup attempt was made and the island was taken over by one citizen of Sealand with outside assistance. It was retaken with armed forces and its over-throwers were held for a time as prisoners of war until negotiations with foreign nations secured their release. More recently, platform caught fire though no one was seriously injured.

During World War II, the United Kingdom decided to establish a number of military bases, the purpose of which was to defend England against German air raids. These sea forts housed enough troops to man and maintain artillery designed to shoot down German aircraft and missiles. They were situated along the east coast of England on the edge of the English territorial waters. One of these bases, consisting of concrete and steel construction, was the famous royal fort Roughs Tower situated slightly north of the estuary region…

Sealand has since been of international news interest in relationship to its controversial status as a data haven, and was pursued for purchase by ThePirateBay. The offer was reportedly entertained – problematically for the rulers of Sealand: as it turns out, one cannot actually sell a nation. Meanwhile, it may be the only one turned into a micronation, but Sealand is not alone in British coastal waters – indeed, its larger island cousin has a great many deserted, converted and reused sea forts.

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