What do you say when you get a gift you you really don’t like

  • “Well, well, well, now, there’s a gift!”
  • “No, with all the hostile takeovers this year, I missed the big Ronco/K-Tel/Ginsu merger. Would you just look at that! What will they think of next?!”
  • “Hey, as long as I don’t have to feed it, or clean up after it, or put batteries in it, I’m happy!”
  • “No, really, I didn’t know that there was a Chia Pet tie! Oh, wow! It’s a clip-on too!”
  • “You know, I always wanted one of these! Jog my memory — what’s it called again?”
  • “You know what? — I’m going to find a special place to put this!”
  • “Boy, you don’t see craftsmanship like that every day!”
  • “And it’s such an interesting color too!”
  • “You say that was the last one? Am I ever glad that you snapped that baby up!”
  • “You shouldn’t have! I mean it — you really shouldn’t have!”Woman in large gift box

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