Back in the 1950’s Santa almost started a nuclear attack

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In the 1950s, the huge nuclear arsenal of America was monitored at a place called Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD). CONAD hosted the first mass destruction phone, nicknamed “The Red Phone.” If this phone has never rang, the Air Force were ordered to launch every weapon in their arsenal to the enemies of the day. This phone was never supposed to sound.

Colonel Harry Shoup, the officer of the Air Force responsible for responding to the red phone, had a series of minor heart attacks as phone keeps ringing Christmas Eve 1955. See, a toy store Colorado Springs printed up an advertisement for children to call a number and speak with Santa. Unfortunately, there was a typo in this announcement, and children who called ended up talking with the Colonel Shoup.

Colonel Shoup was a very good sport on phone calls and kept the children informed about the whereabouts of Santa Claus. In a series of events escalating more suitable for an apocalyptic movie Hallmark that reality, the Third World War has been delayed, and NORAD CONAD successor organization-began using its considerable resources to begin the annual follow Santa and the children of the world learned the true meaning of Christmas without radiation.

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