Sad Satan – Most Terrifying Game on the Internet

Sad Satan Is the Most Terrifying Game on the Internet, and Nobody Knows Where It Came From.

Sad Satan Is the Most Terrifying Game

Rarely does a guy who reviews horror games discover something that genuinely freaks him out. But for Jamie Farrell, an Irish YouTuber who runs the channel Obscure Horror Corner, Sad Satan — a game without an author, buried on the Deep Web — did exactly that. Farrell called it the “creepiest game” he’d ever played.

After the game broke out on Obscure Horror Corner, small community of sleuths are attempting to parse out the clues, source the bits of photography and recorded audio and find the answers. On Reddit, a user named _cooI has begun a thread where a team has identified almost each piece of the Sad Satan puzzle.

Many of the game’s oddities appear to be codified clues, starting with the name of the game itself. Throughout the game, small clips of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” play in your ear. The song has a famously controversial segment that  when played in reverse, sound like Satanist preaching, including the phrase “There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer  sad Satan.

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A small collection of photos crops up throughout the game, flashing at random intervals and checkpoints for a few seconds on the screen. One is a simple illustration of the Satanic idol Baphomet, or the “Sabbatic Goat.” Another shows Franz Joseph, Ninth Prince of Thurn and Taxis, at the historical Konopiste Castle after Hitler fell from power. Another is of DJ and allegedly prolific sexual offender Jimmy Savile posing with Margaret Thatcher. Roman Polanski and other child abusers appear as well.

Some gamers think that the buried clues in Sad Satan could be a “trailhead,” or the starting point for an alternate reality game. This means that the game was made to be found and decoded to kick off a journey into a deeper mystery, with more videos, texts or sites awaiting, either as part of some narrative project or viral marketing scheme.