Russians playing real Russian roulette at a Wedding

The graphic video you’ll see to your left is of real Russians playing real Russian roulette, which probably made the bride regret her decline of having a “Casino” theme at the wedding. That’s on her.

What the hell is it with people and bringing guns to weddings? This happened in Moscow, so you know, at least it happened in its birthplace.

Most news headlines for this story read “Russian Roulette Goes Wrong At Wedding”, which is actually in accurate. Isn’t this a case of Russian roulette going right? That’s like seeing someone win a hand of poker and saying that the game went “wrong”.

So, the first douchebag brings out a gun and shoots himself in the temple with only a click. He looks around to see who else wants a piece of the action. The guy next to him, most likely wanting to impress one of the pretty ladies at the beginning of the video (nothing a girl likes more than a dude who’s willing to do something stupid for no reason…no, seriously), takes a shot himself, and as the man behind the first guy tries to take the gun out of his hands, he probably saved his life.

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The man got away with a severe head wound, but did not die. The only thing that probably saved him was the man with the good sense to want to take the gun out of the ridiculously stupid guys holding the guns, but hey, they were holding a gun so what can you do?

According to the Huffington Post, the man who brought the gun initially has been charged with “Hooliganism”. Which, if you’re in a Russian jail, is probably the most embarrassing “what’re you in for” story you could have.