Rowan Atkinson : The Real Life Super Hero

Rowan Atkinson

British actor Rowan Atkinson, best known as TV’s error-prone Mr. Bean saved a plane from crashing after it’s pilot fainted.

Rowan Atkinson is a comic actor and writer
Rowan Atkinson is a comic actor and writer

When his pilot passed out at the controls of his private plane he is said to have taken control of the Cessna 202 aircraft – saving the lives of his wife and two children.

The MR BEAN star was travelling from Mombasa to Nairobi in Kenya with his family, when the pilot fell unconscious.

At 4,877 metres (16,000 feet), the comedian stopped the plane diving toward the ground, despite having no knowledge of flying.

Rowan’s wife Sunetra frantically tried to wake the pilot by shaking him and throwing water over him while her husband took charge of the plane. Luckily for the family, the pilot regained consciousness after a few minutes and landed the plane safely.

  • He got a MSc in electrical engineering at Oxford. He did his thesis on self-tuning control systems.
  • Has donated money to the possibility of a statue of George Orwell outside the BBC headquarters.
  • In June of 2005 he led a coalition of the UK”s most prominent actors and writers to review the controversial “Racial and Religious Hatred Bill” at the British Parliament. They felt it would give religious groups overwhelming power to censor the arts.

And you thought he seemed dumb eh?

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