Robert De Niro Is Running Low On Cash Due To Cost Of Divorce

Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower married in 1997, split in 1999, got back together, renewed vows in 2004 before he filed for divorce in 2018. They have a nine-year-old child.

De Niro claims that he is running out of money and having not worked because of the coronarvirus pandemic. His last big flick, The Irishman, in 2019 earned him $5 million. The money earned from De Niro’s next two films are also going towards paying De Niro’s $18.25 million income tax bill.

A judge has ruled that his ex-wife should receive $1 million annually and that the couple will split the proceeds after selling their $20 million home. When the martial home is finally sold off, he will have to buy Hightower a new home.

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Hightower spends $215,000 a month (Once she have spent $1.2 million on a diamond) on credit cards and $160,000 in cash. She claims that De Niro is worth $500 million, but his attorney says that his estranged wife’s extravagant lifestyle is making things worse.

Hightower’s attorney, dismissed his claims of poverty, De Niro spent $450,000 on a summer rental in 2019, $150,000 on a Thanksgiving vacation and $1 million on his adult children in 2019 and 2020, $50,000 for a private jet for the weekend.