Resorts World Las Vegas flexes big time showcasing roster of impressive Entertainers for their Hotel

Resorts World Las Vegas is opening June 24 and complied a teaser video of it’s entertainment featuring summer residencies for Zedd and Tiesto at its nightclubs. The video also features their rotation of residencies starring Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan and the return of the Queen of Vegas Celine Dion.

Nevada is still under strict covid restrictions as their nightclubs and shows haven’t opened yet. the dumbfucks at edc tried to push for a may date for their festival but nevada said fuck no and pushed it to oct. Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is postponed from May 21-23 to October 22-24 because of a change in Clark County, Nev., reopening plans that requires 60% of its residents to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before large-scale gatherings like EDC can take place. The dates for the Resorts World Las Vegas acts will be revealed to coincide with the hotels openning.

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