Researchers In contrast Male And Feminine Serial Killers – What They Discovered Is Stunning

Most wholesome individuals don’t spend a lot time interested by serial killers, which I assume simply makes me bizarre. Nevertheless, for these of us who do, it’s no shock that there are some fairly massive variations between female and male killers.

These variations aren’t very apparent at first, however they make a giant distinction on the subject of recognizing the sample of a killer and placing a cease to their actions. Listed below are ten main variations between female and male serial killers that I guess you didn’t know…

1. Feminine serial killers use gender roles to their benefit.

Female serial killers use gender roles to their advantage.

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In a latest research of feminine serial killers, it was discovered that the majority feminine killers work in historically female professions like nursing and educating. These positions give killers easy accessibility to weak victims.

2. Ladies kill for assets.

Women kill for resources.

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Whereas many male serial murders contain a want for domination, management, and sexual violence, females usually tend to kill for energy or cash.

3. Male serial killers usually tend to be caught.

Male serial killers are more likely to be caught.

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In accordance with one other research, feminine serial killers are in a position to keep away from seize for no less than twice so long as male serial killers.

4. Most feminine killers know their victims.

Most female killers know their victims.

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Most victims of male serial killers are strangers to their killer, whereas nearly each sufferer of a feminine serial killer is a recognized good friend, member of the family, or acquaintance.

5. Most ladies who’re in jail for homicide are there as a result of they killed a husband, boyfriend, or little one.

Most women who are in prison for murder are there because they killed a husband, boyfriend, or child.

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6. Poison is the strategy of alternative for feminine serial killers.

Poison is the method of choice for female serial killers.

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7. Male serial killers nonetheless vastly outnumber feminine serial killers.

Male serial killers still vastly outnumber female serial killers.

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There have been solely 46 recognized feminine serial killers in the USA between 1800 and 2000.

8. The typical profile of a feminine serial killer is disturbingly frequent.

The average profile of a female serial killer is disturbingly common.


She is a younger, middle-class girl — normally a married Christian — and he or she works with weak individuals in fields like nursing, educating, and care-giving.

9. They’re equally as prone to homicide different ladies and youngsters as they’re to homicide males.

They are equally as likely to murder other women and children as they are to murder men.


Within the U.S., no less than 51 % of documented feminine serial killers have killed one other girl. Greater than 30 % have murdered a baby.

10. The typical feminine serial killer murders for for much longer than a person.

The average female serial killer murders for much longer than a man.

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Researchers have discovered that feminine serial killers’ careers final between eight and 11 years, versus simply two years for his or her male counterparts. This will have one thing to do with how hardly ever they’re caught in comparison with male serial killers.

(by way of: The Washington Post)

So perhaps feminine serial killers are extra frequent than we as soon as thought. The following time you hear about somebody’s husband or little one dying in an “accident,” don’t be so fast to rule out the spouse or mom…They might be a killer mendacity in wait so that you can let your guard down.

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