Relative size of Particles

Relative size of Particles

Relative size of Particles

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17 thoughts on “Relative size of Particles

  1. Ngl, that human hair looks like a rat tail and it freaks me out.

  2. EnderwarriorX says:

    That scaling is not okay…

  3. And for some fun perspective, the wires in your latest computer chips are 3 times thinner than that Zika virus.

  4. dsm1995gst says:

    I could be wrong but looking at the pictures I don’t think a white blood cell is that similar in size to a grain of sand.

  5. EveningParticular618 says:

    This makes me uncomfortable

  6. judgeroybean9 says:

    How do these compare to a banana?

  7. cottermcg says:

    my beard hair goes through the masks lol

  8. CocoDaPuf says:

    I think that grain of salt may be the wrong shape

  9. Big_Jerm21 says:

    Help an idiot out, um = nanometers?

    I don’t know how to do that special u character. Googling um got me nowhere.

  10. Corvo_Lothbrok says:

    The key to this is that most of the masks we use for covid, are in fact not able to keep out smoke from any type of fire. And covid particles are even smaller than smoke particles. Sooo…

  11. Where’s the 5’9 guy?

  12. trippinbillie333 says:

    Thank god they made note that pollen causes hay fever it’s been keeping me up at night

  13. isthatallyouknow says:

    That is 100% not how big red blood cells are. this is bad

  14. Orchidbleu says:

    Note that a virus will pass right through your mask.

  15. lilGIOGIO says:


  16. schwartzy00 says:

    Awww look how cute zika is!

  17. librarian_government says:

    The corona virus is the size of the tip of a hair?

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