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Short Funny Jokes
– All is a shitting, besides the pissing, however the pissing turns into a shitting for those who piss towards the wind.

– Why did not the sailors play playing cards?
– As a result of the captain was sitting on the deck.

– Why dwarfs snort whereas they play the soccer?
– As a result of the grass tickles their balls!

– What’s the distinction between the tires Good Yr and 365 used condoms?
– 365 used condoms are VERY good yr.

– What Bill Gates‘ spouse says him after they make love?
– Invoice, you’re so MICRO, you’re so SOFT.

A gaggle of spermatozoa march. Unexpectedly, the spermatozoon guides stops:
– Cease! Treason! The ass!!!

– Who has invented the love?
– The poor, to allow them to fuck at no cost.

Two prostitutes, after Christmas holidays:
– What did you ask Santa Claus to offer you?
– Hundred {dollars}, as common.

Good: Your spouse is pregnant.
Unhealthy: She is anticipating triplets.
Very unhealthy: You had been sterilized 5 years in the past.

Good: Your spouse does not speak to you.
Unhealthy: She desires divorce.
Very unhealthy: She is a lawyer.

Good: Your son is rising up.
Unhealthy: He has a relationship with a whore from the neighborhood.
Very unhealthy: Similar to you.

Good: You’re explaining to your daughter about birds and bees.
Unhealthy: She interrupts you.
Very unhealthy: And corrects you.

Good: Your son has a serious relationship.
Unhealthy: The connection is with a person.
Very unhealthy: Along with your greatest buddy.

Good: Your daughter has a very good job.
Unhealthy: She is a whore.
Very unhealthy: She earns far more than you.

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