Prime 10 Unused ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy Concepts

Top 10 Unused ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy Ideas

We’ve got lastly arrived on the finish of the Skywalker saga. All 9 films have been wrapped up with a neat little bow when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was launched in cinemas world wide in December 2019.

Now that the saga is over (or a minimum of the numbered movies), let’s look again at a few of the enjoyable and funky concepts that didn’t fairly make it into The Power Awakens, The Final Jedi, or The Rise of Skywalker. Listed here are the highest 10 unused Star Wars sequel trilogy concepts.

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10 Han Solo The Drunk

Top 10 Unused ‘Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Ideas

Whereas Han Solo is undoubtedly essentially the most lovable scoundrel within the galaxy, his introduction in The Power Awakens would have been drastically totally different on this story line. Moderately than going again to the lifetime of a smuggler after separating with Leia (attributable to their son’s fall to the darkish aspect of the Power), Han would have turned to the bottle as a substitute.

A bit of idea artwork shared on Lucasfilm artist Christian Alzmann’s Instagram web page exhibits Solo consuming his issues away in some seedy institution by outlasting each unique patron round.[1]

Though this might have been a enjoyable concept and a pleasant little bit of character growth for Han, it could have been slightly too heavy and “actual” for what is actually a enjoyable and upbeat film.

9 A Bald Kylo Ren

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The Final Jedi was an actual curler coaster of a film. Though it divided the Star Wars fan base, it might probably’t be denied that director Rian Johnson made some daring choices as to the route of the movie and its characters.

Talking of daring . . . early idea artwork for the extremely risky Kylo Ren depicts him as being fully bald. Johnson needed Kylo to have a duality to his character—half good, half unhealthy. The tough, bald look would have contrasted along with his sleeker and smoother outfit.

Ultimately, it was determined that the dreamiest unhealthy man in all of Star Wars did want that luscious head of hair. The egghead look would have been an excessive amount of of a departure from the character we knew in The Power Awakens.[2]

8 The Alternate Opening Shot Of The Final Jedi

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Star Wars films (a minimum of the numbered ones) historically begin off with the crawl that pans down—and, on one event, up—to disclose a planet. Whereas The Final Jedi follows swimsuit, the predictions the movie got wrong. Within the movie was initially meant to start in a considerably totally different manner.

The crawl would occur and fade away into the depths of house. Then the digicam would pan right down to reveal a planet . . . however wait . . . it’s not a planet. The viewers’s expectations are subverted, and it’s revealed that this “planet” is the domed high of the medical capsule the place Finn is recovering after he sustained accidents within the earlier film.

This attention-grabbing concept was filmed and even included within the deleted scenes on the house launch. Nevertheless it didn’t make the ultimate reduce. As a substitute, The Final Jedi will get off to a extra action-packed begin with the Resistance’s evacuation of their base and the First Order assault.[3]

7 Rey Was Going To Be Known as Keera

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When J.J. Abrams first acquired the ball rolling on what would develop into The Power Awakens, he solely knew that he needed a feminine lead. However in accordance with Daisy Ridley, who performed this Star Wars heroine, the undefined character did have a reputation connected to her: Keera (or Kira, relying on whom you ask).

The title appeared to be an virtually positive factor. Nevertheless, when filming for Episode VII started within the Abu Dhabi desert in 2014, Abrams modified the character’s title on the final minute to Rey.[4]

The title Keera wasn’t fully deserted, although. It was repurposed and altered to the marginally extra exotic-looking Qi’ra for Emilia Clarke’s character in Solo: A Star Wars Millvina Dean, who lived to be 97 years outdated. She was only a child when she, her mom and brother made it into one of many lifeboats. Millvina lived to inform the tragic Story.

6 The Underwater Millennium Falcon

1623701002 116 Top 10 Unused ‘Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Ideas

Everybody acknowledges the Millennium Falcon because the quickest hunk of junk within the galaxy. However do you know that there was early idea artwork by which the Falcon journeyed beneath the ocean?

The official Star Wars Twitter account tweeted out a picture of the submerged spacecraft approaching the spire that housed Emperor Palpatine’s throne room from Return of the Jedi.

Clearly, the notion of an underwater exploration was scrapped early through the manufacturing of the trilogy. However the concept of the Millennium Falcon being watertight in addition to hermetic is superior![5]

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5 The Warhammer

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Dangerous guys get all of the cool issues—cool armor, cool masks, and even cool superweapons!

In The Power Awakens, the newly shaped Resistance wanted one thing to deal with the First Order’s new system-destroying Starkiller Base (pictured above). Enter The Warhammer. This Resistance superweapon was going to drive a wedge between the New Republic and Common Leia Organa, however she took nice delight on this secret weapon.

Sadly, The Warhammer would have been destroyed through the assault on Starkiller Base, rendering The Warhammer ineffective to the general plot of the film. Nonetheless, it’s cool to know that the great guys virtually had a superweapon, too.[6]

4 Power Ghost Anakin . . . And Darth Vader

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The Skywalker saga is inarguably the story of Anakin Skywalker. The prequel trilogy explains his rise, the unique trilogy depicts his fall, and the sequel trilogy exhibits his legacy. Regardless of his giant presence within the first two trilogies, Anakin stays largely absent from the sequels. Nevertheless, this was not initially going to be the case.

A Power ghost Anakin was going to indicate himself to both Rey or Kylo Ren. Nevertheless, this ghost character was going to slide backwards and forwards between the great—Anakin Skywalker—and the unhealthy—Darth Vader. Talking concerning the concept within the e book The Artwork of Star Wars: The Power Awakens, artist Iain McCaig stated:

Whenever you mild a candle, you additionally solid a shadow. That impressed me to suggest, for the primary time, that Anakin’s ghost may come again. [ . . . ] If we see Anakin Skywalker, as a result of he does stream backwards and forwards between Darth Vader and Anakin, let’s see him as a personality with a darkish and light-weight aspect.

Though the thought by no means made it very far, it’s an especially cool idea to spotlight that that is nonetheless the story of Anakin Skywalker. Fortunately, he did lastly make his comeback (albeit solely in voice type) in The Rise Of Skywalker.[7]

3 The Floating Hand

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We’ve talked concerning the alternate opening shot of The Final Jedi, however there was additionally an alternate opening for The Power Awakens: The digicam pans down from the long-lasting opening crawl to see not a planet however a hand!

It’s Luke Skywalker’s severed hand from The Empire Strikes Again—the one which Darth Vader chopped off throughout their climactic battle on Cloud Metropolis. The hand—nonetheless clinging to the lightsaber—floats by house and finally ends up falling towards the planet Jakku. The lightsaber (with out the hand, which burns up because it enters the environment) lands on Jakku and is ultimately picked up by Rey or one other heroic character.

Though the opening of the film was modified to one thing extra conventional, actor Mark Hamill confirmed that the alternate macabre opening was in a tough reduce of the movie.[8]

2 The Eye Of Net­bish Lavatory

1623701002 161 Top 10 Unused ‘Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Ideas

The Rise Of Skywalker opens with Supreme Chief Kylo Ren rampaging by the desolate forests of Mustafar in the hunt for a mysterious wayfinder. Nevertheless, Ren’s encounter with a creature referred to as the Eye of Webbish Lavatory didn’t make it into the ultimate reduce of the film.

The creature was conceived as a pasty-skinned being that merged with a spidery tentacle parasite that lived in a rancid lake close to the ruins of Darth Vader’s fortress (as seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). The abomination would have pointed Ren in the appropriate route to seek out the coveted wayfinder that might lead him safely by the unknown areas of the galaxy.

Though the Eye of Webbish Lavatory by no means made it to the display (presumably as a result of it could have made Ren’s quest further complicated), it is likely one of the few issues on this listing that has discovered life within the novelization of the film.[9]

1 The Whills Of The Power

1623701003 149 Top 10 Unused ‘Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Ideas

Till comparatively just lately, this renegade concept had by no means made it any additional than the thoughts of the unique creator of Star Wars, George Lucas himself. His concept for your entire sequel trilogy (had he saved the rights to Star Wars and made the flicks himself) was to give attention to the midichlorians (or midi-chlorians), the microscopic life-forms that dwell inside Power-sensitive folks.

Lucas needed to floor the Power within the organic world. Though it could have taken away the mysticism of the Power, this concept would have supplied an interesting unique approach from which to view the saga. Lucas defined it this manner:

Again within the day, I used to say . . . we have been simply automobiles, autos for the Whills to journey round in. [ . . . ] We’re vessels for them. And the conduit is the midichlorians. The midichlorians are those that talk with the Whills. The Whills, in a basic sense, they’re the Power.[10]

Sadly, Lucas determined to promote his firm Lucasfilm (which included the rights to the Star Wars film franchise) to Disney in 2012 for $4.05 billion. He additionally supplied Disney with a top level view for a sequel trilogy. However Disney largely ignored Lucas’s concepts and took the Star Wars franchise in a a lot totally different route.

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