Ever wonder why you prefer to have an even number on the TV volume dial?

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In an article Wired 2014, author and mathematical Alex Bellos deepens “personality” that naturally projected numbers based on their “arithmetical properties.” Even if you are not a “big math person” and the mere sight of a graphing calculator that gives nightmarish memories, you may also be guilty of having very strong feelings on certain numbers, even if they are not obvious. Some numbers just seem to make us feel, well, better. “Take the number ten :. That is the total of digits in our hands – is also the total number of digits in our system is the number ten non-controversial, easy to understand, a friend,” Bellos writes. “Okay ten everything. It is not surprising that there is a place called Oxy cream 10.”

Studies have shown that products are more attractive to customers when the brand name includes a pair number instead of a stranger. One theory on this says that even numbers are simply preferred because they are easier to understand for us. We are more familiar with them; that they appear most frequently in the multiplication tables we learn as children, and are easier to process in terms of number of flow to our brains know how they fit into the larger scheme, which produces the feeling of ease and satisfaction. AskReddit in the forum, as expected, there are some pretty strong opinions in preference number based on the ease with which a number is divisible.


Odd numbers, especially primes, present more of a challenge and take longer for our brain to process. Not only are they more difficult to understand an arithmetic level, but all this time we stop there has been impregnated with additional meanings odd numbers (mostly negative), said Bellos. Our deeply rooted superstitions could be reduced to a resentment of these asymmetric numbers stubbornly refuse to fit into the patterns of our brain loves to create unconsciously? If so, three, seven and 13 seem much less scary.


Where some feel bored even numbers and run-of-the-mill, odd numbers can feel slippery, uncomfortable, and exciting. When we launched the volume to 42 instead of 43 you feel comforted, sure. Humans are always making quick judgments, and factor in these numbers. We know immediately that a product called WD-40 is reliable, but a product called WD-39 is unclear, pausing to think: what does this number mean? whether or not we want – as Bello, we are always doing math suggests.

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