Porsche Type 64 Fails to Sell at $70 Million

Porsche Type 64 Fails to Sell at 70 Million
Porsche Type 64 Fails to Sell at 70 Million

At the “RM Sotheby” auction in California, The record is broken and then the total is reversed “F * CK-UP”. This is the story of a Porsche that sells for $ 70,000,000 … NOPE, almost sold at that amount … What makes this story better is that the car was built in 1939. It was designed in Berlin with the artistic direction given from none other than ???

This aero-dynamic VW version of Porsche comes from an extraordinary designer. So, you know, awards for designers who push boundaries …
“We are honored to present a car that has significance in automotive history such as the 1939 Porsche 1939. This is an extraordinary journey ahead of Monterey because we are given the opportunity to share the origins of one of these hobbies. the most legendary brand with the world and work with famous fans in the Porsche community. It is difficult to set prices on these unique and historically significant artifacts, and despite the interest of intelligent collectors, we were unable to reach a meeting point between sellers and buyers that night. ”

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RM Sotheby’s press response continues:
When the offer is opened on Type 64, an increase inadvertently is heard and displayed on the screen, causing unfavorable confusion in the room. This is by no means a joke or joke on behalf of anyone at RM Sotheby’s, rather the unfortunate misunderstanding is reinforced by the excitement in the room. The auction was not canceled. The car reached a high bid of $ 17 million. ”

The key to this story is that while the auctioneer was saying “teen” the person recording the bids for the live screen heard “-ty” so not Thirty Million dollar opening bid but Thirteen Million… Either way, cars like that should be in a museum for people to be able to see, not sit in some rich guys bunker never to see the light of day again.