Police Officer Examination Fast Quiz

Listed under are a number of questions requested by a cop who has simply
pulled you over. Under the questions are a number of attainable responses.
Select the perfect response to every. Verify your solutions on the finish.


1. Are you aware why I am pulling you over, son/maam?
a. No, sir.
b. Since you’re lonely?
c. To ask me if I’ve any Gray Poupon?
d. As a result of I ran down that previous lady within the wheelchair?
e. Since you needed a donation to your police station? (Handing him
a fifty or two)
f. Due to the Stealth Bomber I’ve in tow?
g. As a result of I am pedaling too quick?
h. As a result of I am Ice-T?

2. Can I see your license and registration?
a. Sure sir. (handing them over)
b. Can I see your highschool diploma? Oh, I forgot…you are a cop.
c. Wanna see photos too? (pulling a string of household photographs out of
your pockets) This is my mommy, my daddy, my sister, my pal, my
canine, my bathroom, your mother bent over with a light-weight bulb in her…oh,
how did THAT image get in right here?
d. I haven’t got a license, and this automobile is stolen.
e. (pull it out and browse it to him veeeery slowly, not ever handing
it to him)

3. Would you thoughts stepping out of the automobile?
a. After all, sir. (getting out)
b. What? On this climate?
c. Are you kidding? I am too drunk to face up!
d. First, repeat after me: “I understand that you’re not Rodney King.”
e. It is a motorbike, dumbass.

4. Stroll alongside this line.
a. Sure sir. (strolling the road)
b. No thanks…I simply snorted one.
c. Duuuude…which one? The wavy one, the colourful one, or the one
within the center that is laughing at me?
d. Are you certain you would not slightly I skip merrily in a determine eight?

5. You name {that a} straight line?
a. Sure, sir.
b. Properly, officer Pythagoras, the one approach YOU may see a straight
line is by your personal mind wave sample! (NOTE: That is
stolen from Emo Phillips)

6. Do you wish to spend the evening in jail?
a. No sir.
b. What are they serving for dinner?
c. That relies upon. Are YOU gonna be there, large fella? (smiling
d. Do the cells have ESPN?
e. Positive! I have not seen your mother in months!

7. Hey, that is my automobile! Do not pee on that!
a. Sure, sir (zipping up)
b. Sure, sir (turning round and peeing on him)

Give your self 13 factors for every time you answered “a”.
Give your self 83 factors should you answered “e” for #1.
Give your self 346 factors should you ignored #7 as a result of it is not going to occur.
Give your self 8,425 factors should you RECOGNIZED reply “b” of #5 from an Emo Phillips routine.
Give your self 24,983 factors should you skipped proper over this scoring part.

Subtract your rating out of your rating to get the IQ of a mean cop.

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