Police Arrest Family Twice in 2 Days for Loitering in own Front Yard

Chester Township police wtf

That town/sheriffs office just paid a lot of money for some really dumb decisions…

If you’re black Forget cold front of your own home. At least that’s what one township of Chester, Pennsylvania, the family discovered earlier this month after several family members were arrested for vagrancy.
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Rachel Briggs, a member of the family, it all started on October 1, when Pasquale Storace III officer arrested her son and nephew for “vagrancy” while playing in the front yard. The second time was held on October 2 when the young men who were arrested were returning home after spending the night in jail and were greeted by family members outside their house.

In trying to justify the arrests, police in Chester Township said the cursed family to them the second time, a man has launched a window of a cop car.
“The gentleman was taken to jail, they had high bails imposed on them. Families are scrambling to get their money together, they were able to get them out the next day, “Briggs told the news station.
Chester Township police
However, young people are not out of the prison for long. When they were released and the grateful family members were welcome them back in the same court officer before Storace, who is white, once again reappeared again and arrested the young men and other family members the family’s lawyer Kevin Mincey said.

“This should not happen to any citizen, and certainly an owner or a person who rents a property,” said Mincey. “Chester Township Police Department failed my family. Instead of protecting us and serve us, they decided to attack us many times, “Briggs, who ended up being arrested and added.

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