Pokemon Myth : The Infamous Mystery Of Mew

pokemon myth the infamous mystery of mew
pokemon myth the infamous mystery of mew

Mew is a small, pink, psychic-type legendary Pokémon. It was added to Pokemon Red and Green as a secret character.

As such, its presence has been surrounded by rumors and myths, which contributed to make the Pokémon franchise a success. Mew could not be legitimately obtained in the games except from Pokémon distribution events.
Pokemon The Mystery Of Mew

The Pokemon series is chock-full of secrets and rumors, but none are as infamous as the mystery of Mew. The 151st Pokemon was only ever officially available via special distribution events, but that didn’t stop fans from using cheat devices like GameShark or concocting harebrained schemes to obtain the elusive Legendary in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. The most well known method was to visit the truck parked adjacent to the S.S. Anne in Vermillion City and use a Pokemon with either Strength or Cut. Since neither ability was available at that point in the game, you’d have to trade for the necessary critters with a friend. Of course, this trick turned out to be a bust, but there is in fact a confirmed method for capturing Mew that requires exploiting a particularly lengthy glitch.

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