Pokémon Go : What’s Gone Wrong With So Far

Since its launch, Pokémon Go has also been at the center of the number of potentially life-threatening incidents. Nintendo produced sensation, which requires players to venture around their real-life neighborhoods and seek out, capture and train superpowered monsters.

Rare Pokémon inside

One of the stranger aspects of Pokémon Go is that the game places rare and valuable Pokémon in seemingly random locations

What NOT to do while playing Pokémon Go:

• Don’t play Pokemon Go while driving

• Don’t stop your car in traffic to pop out and catch a Pokemon

• Don’t wander down dark alleys in the bad part of town and get jacked while playing

Kohei Uchimura, a gymnast on Japan’s Olympics team, racked up a ¥500,000 roaming charge — close to $5,000 USD — playing the game in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the Olympic Games haven’t even started!

A man was caught cheating by his girlfriend when she saw that he caught a Pokémon at his ex-girlfriend’s house.

Two Encinitas, California men nearly died while hunting for Pokémon near the ocean. While glued to their phones, the two players accidentally took a plunge off the side of an ocean bluff, with one man falling 50-feet while the other took a 90-foot dive. In a staggeringly lucky turn, both men lived through the ordeal and were taken to the hospital with only moderate injuries.

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Tom Curry from New Zealand has gone and done something all of us dream of doing but probably won’t ever have the balls to do. He quit his job so that he could become a full-time Pokémon Go player for the next two months, during which time he will be embarking on a tour across New Zealeand.

While hunting for Pokémon in his brother’s car, Portland, Oregon resident Steven Cary took his eyes off the road and ended up crashed into a tree. Although the accident was bad enough to drive the car’s engine into its passenger seat, Cary only suffered a few cuts to his legs and a broken ankle. Cary’s brother’s car did not survive the crash.

Pokemon traffic sign

Don’t Pokemon and drive

Two teenagers from Florida who were driving around hunting for pocket monsters at 1:30 a.m. startled a local man. Not knowing what the teens were up to, the unnamed man approached their car and opened fire when they attempted to drive away. Neither team was hurt, but one of their mothers called the police when she noticed her car had a flat tire in several new bullet holes.

Two men in California got really into Pokémon Go while they were playing it. So much so that they didn’t pay attention to their surroundings or where they were walking and fell straight down, one of them falling 50 feet down onto the bluffs, while the other fell around 80 feet onto the beach. Thankfully, they only sustained moderate injuries. Authorities said that while there have been such accidents in the past before, none of them have occurred because of Pokémon Go.

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Nintendo isn’t the only company to benefit from the craze. Zagg, a smartphone accessories company that offers external battery cases, has seen a 25 percent spike in stock prices.

The Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department has found a unique use for Pokémon Go. One officer created a Facebook post inviting a list of more than 500 wanted fugitives to try to capture the Charizard Pokémon that have spawned in the department’s booking area. Thus far, the invitation has yet to result in an arrest, but it is very popular among Manchester residents.

A 21-year-old named Michael Baker tells another player stabbed him in the shoulder with a knife when Michael asked him about the game. He got eight stitches.

A wanted man in Milford got so engrossed while playing Pokémon Go, he unknowingly got himself arrested. The Milford police station is marked as a gym, and the app doesn’t mention street names to players, and the wanted man in question was probably on his way to claim the gym. He, however, did not realize that the gym was a police station. Police offers inside the building spotted him from the inside, and the man was subsequently arrested.


Pokemon Go: why it’s making people crazy?

Facts ABout Pokémon Go

Since its release, Pokémon Go has been downloaded by more than 50 million users and the count is still rising.

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In just a week of its launch, Pokémon Go sent up Nintendo’s stock through the roof by adding $7.5 billion to the company’s market value. In US on iPhones alone it is making $1.6 million per day.

Since the release of Pokémon Go, the prices of all old Pokémon games have gone up 100% and the sales have increased by 200%.

Pokémon Go officially became more popular than porn when more people started searching for it since July 11 on Google.

Texas A&M opened up its football stadium for Pokémon Go players to avoid trespassing. In over two hours the stadium was filled with 1,600 players.

A bus in New York takes Pokémon players to Pokestops for $0.99, gyms for $24.99 and $49.99 for egg-hatching.

Nintendo has sold more than 277 million Pokémon games to date, over 21.5 billion trading cards in ten languages, and made seventeen feature films over the past two decades.

Less than a week since its release, and Pokémon GO is reportedly bigger than Tinder in the US.