PhoneSoap – Give Your Mobile Phone a Good Cleaning

PhoneSoap is a combination smart-phone charger and sanitizer. It uses UV light to sanitize your phone. Which works, to some extent.


But it’s useless if you don’t wash your hands, because that’s where your phone bacteria would come from.

On average, a cell phone is 18x dirtier than a public restroom. In fact, 1 in 6 cell phones have fecal mater on them. Germs and bacteria can grow and thrive on our phones because they are always warm and they are stored in dark places. At the same time, if you do wash your hands, then you’re not getting bacteria all over your phone in the first place.

Why PhoneSoap

  • UV-C Sanitizer – Safely kill 99.99% of bacteria
  • Universal Cell Phone Charger – Standard USB port for charging iPhone’s, Androids, etc
  • Acoustic Audio Amplifier – Hear your notifications while your phone is sanitizing
  • Inner Dimensions (Sanitizing Space): Inches: 6 L x 3.74 W x .78 H
  • Disinfect in 5 minutes or leave your phone inside overnight while it charges

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