People Are Sharing Examples Of Pointless Gendering And It Shows How Stupid It Can Be (115 Pics)

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Here’s a radical thought. Maybe men and women would get along better if companies and institutions stopped yelling about how different they are? I get it, everyone has their own opinion, and it’s a sensitive topic but come on. Toilet paper for women? A cookbook for men? Some things are just absurd. And you can find them on the subreddit r/PointlesslyGendered. This online community is dedicated to collecting examples of the division between the two genders our society so desperately insists on, and over the years have gotten themselves quite a load. Here are some of the worst ones.

#1 Dinosaurs Are For Boys

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#2 I Feel This Belongs Here

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Gender-tailored marketing messages are fairly common, but research shows they can have the opposite effect and repel consumers, especially women. In fact, they often backfire to the point of dissuading women from choosing a product they would have considered if the company hadn’t talked about their gender so much, a study by Harvard Business School found.

The reason for this lies in human nature. People tend to resist being categorized (or made to feel like they are unwillingly reduced to a single identity) particularly when the product they’re being nudged toward evokes a stereotype about their gender.

#3 Random Low Key Pic From 4chan

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#4 Damn You, Spaghetti Sauce. If Only I Had A Man Around! Dinner Is Ruined!

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#5 Gendering Eggs Now, Are We?

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Suggesting that women will go crazy over a product wrapped in pink packaging just because some marketer assumes that all women love pink can come across as downright insulting, co-researcher Leslie K. John, the Marvin Bower Associate Professor at HBS, said.

“In a way, this project reminds me of my childhood,” John explained. “When I was a kid, I had a babysitter who said, ‘Leslie, your favorite color is pink.’ She would put pink bows in my hair. Everything had to be pink. This project is partly a reaction against this feeling that just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I love pink! There’s something very off-putting about feeling like you’re being reduced to a single category of membership.”

#6 What To Get My Niece For Christmas

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#7 Names Have A Gender?

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#8 And It’s Only $49.99!

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But where does this false notion come from? Why do companies keep trying to sell their products by emphasizing the buyer’s gender? Well, the answer to this question might lie in one 2017 Pew Research Center survey.

It discovered that Americans think men and women are basically different in the way they express their feelings, their physical abilities, their personal interests, and their approach to parenting. But there is no public consensus on the origins of these differences.

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#9 Shaming Elephants

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#10 “Male Doctor,” “Male Chef, “Male Racecar Driver”

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#11 True!

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I think marketers know this. Maybe some of them just haven’t realized that to have an opinion and to base your purchasing decision on it are two different things.

This applies to other aspects, not only gender. According to previous research, for example, even stereotypes that cast people in a positive light—such as Asians excel in math—can trigger a negative reaction from these groups.

#12 Gatekeeping A Yellow Jacket, Among Other Normal Things

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#13 This Is The Worst One I’ve Ever Seen

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#14 In Estonian “Ta” (Or “Tema”) Means Both “She” And “He”, Google Translate Decides By Context

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#15 This Guy Gets It

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#16 Girls Don’t Have Ankles

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#17 Fellas, Is It Gay To Touch Your Face?

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#18 Cancer Isn’t Gendered, Support Shouldn’t Be Either

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#19 Apparently It’s Gay To See Now

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#20 Same Items Inside… Hers Costs 30% More

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#21 Girls Live On A Different Planet

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#22 Toothpaste For Men Only!

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#23 Food Is Feminine

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#24 Pointlessly Gendered Shelter Caused Trans Student To Be Left Outside

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#25 No Way

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#26 Because Sexualising Babies Is Okay…

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#27 Because That Is Totally How It Works

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#28 Gender Appropriate “Fun”

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#29 Wait Until He Learns That Men Have Butt Cheeks Too

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#30 Sounds Very Mormon

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#31 Need I Say More

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#32 Men Can’t Be Anorexic Apparently

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#33 Low Testosterone Male Pink Tool Set

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#34 “Things To Say When You’re Staring At A Boy Trying To Think Of What To Say”

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#35 Accurate

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#36 Pockets?!

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#37 Had To Share

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#38 No Bro It’s War Paint

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#39 Fruity Drinks Are Bomb

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#40 If This Ain’t The Truth

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#41 Fellas, Is It

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#42 This Sign On The Door To Our Laundry Room

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#43 Fathering A Child? Sounds Pretty Girly To Me

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#44 Because Somehow Exercise And Dieting Can Be Gender Specific?

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#45 Pink Bad For Rap

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#46 Now It’s Food-Based!

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#47 Pointlessly Gendered And Homophobic At The Same Time

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#48 Found This Gem On Tumblr

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#49 It Starts Early… My Antenatal Clinic Showing How Boys And Girls Kick Differently In The Womb

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#50 Loose Fit Perhaps

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#51 Which Brunch Are You: Man, Woman Or Waffle?

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#52 Same Price, Same Ingredients But You Get 5 Less In The “Woman’s” Packet

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#53 I Don’t Even Know Where To Start

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#54 Pointlessly Gendered Lit Sides

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#55 Fabletics Only Applies Their Military Discounts To Males. Females Are Not Eligible For The Military Discount

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#56 Must Be Manly Even While Sheet Masking

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#57 Iced Or Hot?

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#58 Only Women Should Be Taught How To Read

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#59 Can’t Believe This Stuff Still Gets Upvoted

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#60 Real Men Guess What They Look Like

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#61 Nice Binoculars You Got There

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#62 Wth What Is This

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#63 Conform To Your Gender Roles!

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#64 Should Have Given The Woman’s Hand A Dress As Well Just To Make Sure

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#65 Nail Polish Is Only For Girls

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#66 I Flipped Through Both. They’re The Exact Same Book

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#67 Boys Always Get The Coolest Stuff

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#68 Sit Like A Lady

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#69 Goodnight Everyone Except The Person Who Created This

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#70 Grabbed Some Toilet Paper While In A Rush, Came Home To Realize That My Boyfriend Won‘T Be Able To Use It

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#71 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. Beauxbatons And Durmstrang Were Both Co-Ed Schools In The Books, But In The Film, Beauxbatons Was All Girls And Durmstrang Was All Boys, Because Apparently The French Are Feminine And The Bulgarians Are Masculine?

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#72 Why

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#73 I’m A Bloke And I Definitely Don’t Look For Half Of These Things

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#74 Green Is Man, Red Is Woman

Image credits: Slight_Knee_silly

#75 This Is An Old Monopoly I Used To Play With With My Sister. Guess We Weren’t Allowed To Do So

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#76 Because Only Girls Like Stars

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#77 I Can’t With Gender Reveal Cakes

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#78 Excuse Me What?

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#79 Istg This Is So Accurate

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#80 This Card I Found At Walmart

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#81 Finally I Can Grab Some Sexy Screwdrivers For An Absolute Bargain

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#82 Ahhh The Two Genders, Lady And The

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#83 Garbage Can

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#84 Cant Use Bathbombs Unless They Enhance My Manlyhood

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#85 Oh F*** Off “Hair Ties For Men”

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#86 Apparently White And Black Means It’s For Straight Guys

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#87 The Way Men And Women’s Clothing Is Advertised

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#88 Growing Up In A Conservative Christian Household Be Like

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#89 Fellas Don’t Forget To Cover Your Megs

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#90 Help Ladies, Yellow Is Unacceptable For My Infant Daughter!

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#91 The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

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#92 Fellas, Is It Girly To Have A Heart In Your Body?

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#93 No Man Has Ever Been In A Red Lobster

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#94 Sorry, Ladies

Image credits: 405freeway

#95 There Are Two Genders, Princess And Kids

Image credits: ManilaLiaison

#96 Found On My Bfs Deodorant

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#97 Because Women Can’t Hold The Big Tube?

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#98 Just In Case Your Macho Bravado Isn’t Proof Enough That You’re A Man

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#99 Accentuates Your Femininity And Your Stupidity

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#100 This Shower Gel An Exchange Student Brought

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#101 What?

Image credits: AppleHasFallenFar

#102 Sawdust Is Like Man Glitter

Image credits: _x_kleine_x_

#103 The Good Ol’ Camo

Image credits: StayFrostyRMT_

#104 Just Why?

Image credits: emptydresserdrawer

#105 Astronaut Emojis On Android, Thankfully They’ve Marked Their Gender

Image credits: Milk3yM

#106 Double Whammy

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#107 I Found The Counterpart For The Invisible Nail Polish

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#108 We Added Bows To Make Sure There’s Girls

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#109 It’s Exactly The Same Inflatable Crown

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#110 Oh Yeah Be Manly Use A Man Fork!

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#111 From My Friend’s Snapchat

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#112 The Measurements Are The Same

Image credits: Individual-Ostrich

#113 Pillows, They Feel Exactly The Same

Image credits: rollingurkelgrue

#114 I Had No Idea That Clipping Your Nails Wasn’t Manly Enough

Image credits: -__-idontwannadothis