Penile Bruising – Ten Typical Causes

Bruises in the penis can be alarming, specially when they are accompanied by pain or even other unpleasant symptoms. Nearly all bruises on penis skin area are not serious and are not likely in order to cause long-term problems, in some cases, prompt medical attention becomes necessary. Being aware of what causes bruising and even taking adequate care of your penis may help to prevent long-term results from penis injury. Five of the most common causes of bumps on the penis are referred to here.

1. Trauma towards the penis– Any type of trauma, or even sudden injury, to the shaft may cause bruising, which is seen as a discoloration of the skin, inflammation, and in some cases, inflammation. Bruises could have a dark, purplish physical appearance which typically fades in order to brown, then yellow ahead of disappearing completely.

2. Fractures– Unfortunately, the penis really can possibly be fractured; this occurs when the erection tissue in the penis is definitely ruptured, usually during intercourse where the partner is ahead. Men who hear a new loud popping sound from the penis should seek unexpected emergency medical attention, especially if it is coupled with severe pain.

3. Injection of medications– Injecting drugs into the penis – regardless of whether for treating erectile problems or for other reasons – can result in bruising and soreness around the injection site. Men are strongly cautioned not to inject any substances into the penis except on the specific advice of a qualified physician, as this can result in long–term or severe injury.

4. Entrapment in clothing– While no one wants to think about it, it happens from time to time – a bit of skin on the penis gets caught on a zipper. Whether or not the skin is broken, some bruising may occur around the site of the injury.

5. Priapism– Priapism is a medical condition in which an erection occurs that lasts for more than four hours – usually unrelated to sexual stimulation. Bruising of the skin may occur at the same time. Men who experience priapism should be treated immediately in emergency care in order to prevent long-term injury or loss of function.

6. Circumcision– Ablation of the penile foreskin can cause bruising, bleeding and scabbing in the affected area following this common surgical procedure. After circumcision, the directions of a doctor on caring for the area should be followed specifically.

7. Masturbation– Aggressive masturbation, especially without the benefit of a lubricant, can damage the blood vessels under the surface of the penis skin and lead to bruising and inflammation.

8. Thrombosed lymphatic vessel – Lymphatic vessels can be found all over the body – they are responsible for delivering lymphatic fluid. Masturbation, sex, and the use of erectile enhancement devices such as vacuum pumps can lead to bruising of this tissue.

9. Sexual intercourse– As with masturbation, partner activity can lead to friction and bruising; penile fractures accompanied by bruising may also result from rough intercourse.

10.Hematoma– A hematoma refers simply to the accumulation of blood outside of a damaged blood vessel – a hematoma on the shaft may be caused by numerous minor skin injuries.

Maintaining a healthy penis

While nearly all men can expect to experience problems with the penis skin from time to time, caring for the member properly can go a long way toward preventing disease and injury and speeding healing when problems do occur. Keeping the skin well moisturized with natural hydrating agents such as shea butter and vitamin E can boost the skin’s natural lubricating qualities, reducing the risk of friction-related issues. In addition, applying a high quality penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing nutrients such as vitamin C (needed for the formation of healthy circulatory tissue and the repair of blood vessels after injury) may be helpful throughout speeding healing and recovery after harm.

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