Package deal Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Entice

After somebody stole a package deal off of his porch, Mark Rober spent months designing and constructing a pretend package deal to get revenge on the subsequent particular person silly sufficient to attempt it. He outfitted the field with GPS, movement sensors, 4 cameras that auto-uploaded to the cloud, a glitter bomb that detonated when the package deal was opened, and a canister of fart spray that sprayed periodically till the thief threw the package deal out.

The package deal would include a pound of superb glitter plus some potent fart spray. The glitter would burst out when opened; the latter would spray 5 instances, each 30 seconds. However Robert went one step additional — together with 4 telephones recording the thieves’ reactions. A GPS tracker within the telephones would let him know the place a package deal in the end ended up. If he could not get better the package deal, the video would no less than mechanically add to the cloud. As soon as accomplished, he slapped a packing label addressed from the “Residence Alone” character Kevin McCallister to movie villains Harry and Marv — a pleasant, figurative bow on the current. Then Rober simply wanted to attend and let the package deal rain ache.

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