Pablo Francisco – Stand-Up Comedy Quotes

Pablo Francisco is a stand-up comedian of Chilean origin. He started his career doing improv in Tempe, Arizona. Pablo Francisco is recognized for vocal impressions of famous people including Jackie Chan, Aaron Neville, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Howard Stern, Casey Kasem, Keanu Reeves, Michael J. Fox, Jerry Springer, Don Lapre, Celine Dion, William Hung, Danny Glover, Gary Busey, and most notably Don LaFontaine.

Pablo Francisco

Some Quotes from Pablo Francisco

Jean-Claude Van Damme is back… in “The Same Crap You’ve Seen Over and Over and Over and Over”…

Doesn’t it suck – nice body, ugly face? Doesn’t that suck? It’s like “I love spaghetti! But it’s got shit on it!”

It’s not R’n’B music you know. R’n’B music is always five black guys with no shirt. “Yeah, I’m horny, Yeah.” They always singing how fine a girl is. “Girl you’re fine. Lay you down fine.” They always say smooth soft and silky in every song don’t they then they put beats to it. “Girl you’re smooth, you’re soft, fine… silky”

(refering to the Friday the 13th movies) Those kids are so easy to kill, you could kill them with a cordless phone

They’re calling Hooters now a family restaurant. Isn’t that hilarious? Tits for the whole family!

Rappers when they get their awards they always credit God. “I’d like to thank Jesus Christ. Jehovah God Almighty. For my number one hit single. It’s called ‘Suck My Mama.’”

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