Our world is filled with some amazing facts

Our WorldHoney is the only food that does not spoil over time. If you find yourself in a desperate situation alongside a 2000 year old honey jar, just go ahead and eat it, it’s delicious!

Our planet has so much gold in its core that if you ever found a way to extract it all out you could easily layer the entire land surface of our planet with a gold layer that could reach an average’s person knee height.

The Kakapo is a bird which emanates a strong and pleasant odor that allows predators to easily track it down, thus it is a critically endangered species.

A cockroach can live up to two weeks without its head before eventually dying of starvation. Do not cut a cockroaches head off if you want to kill it!

Cat urine glows under black light. If you want to be certain about how clean or educated your cat is, try finding glowing spots around your house using black light. That should be entertaining.

  German WWII Base on Arctic Island

Pigs can not only orgasm but their orgasms can last up to 30 minutes. I cannot help but wonder what the pig is actually able to do during those 30 minutes.

A couple of lions can mate over 50 times in a single day. I have especially put this right below the pig orgasm fact. What would you choose: quantity or quality?

The United States have six different languages considered official: Arabic, Chinese, English, French Russian and Spanish. This amount of foreign languages declared official is due to America’s large cultural diversity.

Do not try to sneeze with your eyes open! It is impossible to do it involuntarily and if you force it, the pressure will be strong enough to pop one of your eye balls out. I’m serious, do not try sneezing with your eyes open.

The actual color of Coca Cola is green but it turns black after a certain food coloring is added.

Adolf Hitler fought against J R R Tolkien in WWI and had only one testicle. He was also a vegetarian and he liked to paint from time to time. Someone must have bullied him a lot over the fact he had only one testicle.

  Woman Was Kicked Off A Plane For Bringing An Emotional Support Pig On Board

All months beginning on a Sunday will have the 13th set on Friday.

Your tongue also produces a print which as well as a fingerprint, it is different for every individual. Imagine how our lives would have turned out if caught suspects would have been put to slide their tongue in ink before placing it on a piece of paper.

The name “Wendy” has its origin in the Peter Pan book J M Barrie. There was not another Wendy in the world until the book came out.

Goose bumps are a common sensation and body reaction towards good music or cold but did you know that dead people can also get goose bumps? Apparently, the hair follicles of a dead person will contract, thus causing the goose bumps.

Tyrannosaurus Rex or simple, the T Rex lived closer in time to the human era than to the era of the Stegosaurus. On a similar manner, Cleopatra lived close to the human moon-landing than to the construction of the great Egyptian Pyramids.

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Celery and cucumbers are foods with negative calories. This means that while eating them, your body consumes more calories than the foods actually have in them. No wonder nutritionists often include cucumbers in their diet plans.

sFrench people call English kiss what English people (and roughly the rest of the world) call a French Kiss. Who cares what country it originated from? Just kiss the man/woman already!

Ever wondered why rappers do not use the colors orange, purple and silver in their songs? It is because there are no words that actually rhyme with these ones, in the English dictionary.

A new layer of protective mucus is produced by your stomach every two weeks. This is a measurement taken by your organ in order to not digest itself over time.

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